Life without Marcelino in Valencia and Villarreal

The Asturian coach has been in 12 of the last 14 derbies. Che arrive with wear after Chelsea; the yellow ones, with a bad run of results.


Mestalla opens its doors to a derby. Villarreal calibrates the forces of the black and white, who were left until the last breath against Chelsea, while Valencia assesses the yellow autumn crisis, a team that adds four days without winning and received 6 goals against Mallorca and Celta. He is also a derby without Marcelino, protagonist in 12 of the last 14, a coach who came out in time and unusual form of both clubs and whose shadow is elongated.

Villarreal has been trying to rearm for four years. He has not appeared again for the Champions League and three coaches have passed through his bench. With Marcelino he added 53% of the possible points. After him, Villarreal has scratched 49%. De Mestalla less than he left and is therefore more present. Celades, here his merit, has managed to live with it and has won a locker room, which Champions and Cup on the sidelines, is the best that left the Spaniard. Of course, with Celades 16 of 33 points have been added (48%, for the 58% achieved with Marcelino) .

This derby will obviously be played on the grass and Vicente Iborra will not be there. Lower capital letter for Calleja, which must rebuild its frame. The most viable option is to place Anguissa and Trigueros in the double pivot, a formula with which he will try to cut his goal bleeding. It takes 22 embedded in 14 days. The worst record in Primera at this point. There is your evil. But defensive weakness does not lag behind Valencia, which has conceded 20 and has half defense out of combat (Piccini, Jaume Costa, Garay and Diakhaby are injured) .

By Mestalla Albiol returns, a product of the Paterna quarry that for several summers sounded that to return to Valencia. But he never did and now he has returned to the National Team. He will be paired with Pau, one of several youth players who suck this derby from a young age. Like Ferran, Soler, Quintanilla or Moi Gómez. They have to put the passion; Parejo and Cazorla, the brain; Rodrigo and Gerard, goal

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