LaVine: 49 points, 13 triples! and an amazing comeback

The Bulls lost by seven in the absence of 26 seconds and took a miraculous victory for Charlotte, where LaVine marveled in a crisis with Boylen.

The NBA Regular Season, an ocean of 1,230 games, has these things. It happens, in the most unexpected places and in the least predictable moments, the incredible. The impossible. Sometimes, literally: the Bulls won (115-116) a game that they had completely, totally, absolutely lost in the Charlotte Spectrum. At Michael Jordan's house, a drifting team saved an irresolvable situation pushed by Zach LaVine, an escort whose game this season is leaving much to be desired and that came from, the night before, being sacrificed already in the first quarter of the defeat incontestable before the Heat by Jim Boylen, an old-school coach and outdated methods that does not seem precisely in communion with a young and inexperienced wardrobe. Bulls problems will still be there. LaVine will remain irregular and will continue defending with his eyes, Markkanen will continue lost (this time 3 points, 1/9 in shots and only 24 minutes on the track) and Wendell Carter (17 points, 11 rebounds) will be forced to act as a veteran without be it But, for one night at least, the Bulls felt like the kings of the world.

What happened? It's hard to explain even after seeing the last few minutes. The Hornets gained 108-100 in the absence of a minute, 112-105 with 25.7 seconds remaining and 115-110 to ten of the horn. In that last minute the Bulls scored 16 points, with three three-pointers of LaVine, a mixture of fortune and hunger that ended in an incredible sequence: triple Satoransky (115-113) and loss after bottom kick (when he just had to wait for the missing) from a Devonte 'Graham chased by Coby White, Arcidiacono and LaVine himself, who ended up carrying the ball, dribbling to what was found ahead and scoring the triple winner. Really amazing, like your match. Hours after being sent to the bench and publicly expressing his disagreement with Boylen, he signed (the Regular Season has these things) 49 points with a historic 13/17 in triples. Only Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (who added 14, precisely against the Bulls) had reached that figure in a game and only Curry had, up to now, exceeded 75% in triples pulling at least 15. LaVine, with 76%, joins him after an extraordinary, inexplicable performance if one looks at the context of the party and his personal situation.

The other great hero, along with the LaVine fireworks and work at the foundations of Carter, was Coby White, the rookie who used to play almost his entire family (drafted from North Carolina) and finished with 28 points, a 12 / 19 in shots and, according to statistics, the final robbery in that confusing play in which the Bulls squeezed Graham, who had been (18 points, 10 assists), the architect with Rozier (28 + 5) and Marvin Williams ( 21 + 5) the architect of what seemed like a sure win. But the NBA has these things ... and the Bulls won to match Carolina's 6-11. His problems will not disappear, not with Boylen on the bench, but this is a tremendous joy, of course, in a well-needed changing room. Ask LaVine, and the man of the thirteen triples ...

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