"The last twenty minutes were a total lack of control"

The draw against Osasuna at home has caused self-criticism in the players. Junior Lake: "You have to close the games."


The tie at Son Moix against Osasuna has stung in the vermilion locker room, because after the defeat in Leganés the team had become aware to resume the road of victories at home and in this case before the Navarrese team, something that up to fifteen minutes from final was effective but that in the play following 2-1, Osasuna tied and could even take the victory against the vermilion bewilderment.

Save Sevilla openly states that "the last twenty minutes were a total lack of control, we did not seek any second play, we let them go against them, we let them run and they even had chances to kill the game." The veteran midfielder, who has already played with Thursday's 90 games with Mallorca and has scored 10 goals, said he was "with bad feelings in those minutes in which we did not know how to read the game and in the end they forgave us."

For its part, Lago Junior says that "we do many things well but we have to close the games and have a cool head."

Sevilla and Lago were the authors of the two goals of Mallorca, both from the penalty spot.

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