Lakers don't get tired of winning with LeBron in Magic mode

The King finished with 14 assists and already has seven games in a row over 10, something that was not seen in Los Angeles from Magic Johnson.

There is no news that the Lakers are the best team in the League, by record (13-2), by streak (6 wins in a row) and by game. But now they also begin to be one of the most entertaining teams to watch. And much of it is the fault of LeBron James, who is taking his new grassroots role so much that he is no longer satisfied with just leading the team and starting the plays. Every time he looks looser and is starting to show. The showtime of a lifetime moved to the 21st century thanks to its majesty. Oklahoma City was the last city where he showed his show and surely the Thunder fans enjoyed it. It is worth losing, but that does not take away so that at specific times, in specific plays, more than one escapes a smile.

The Lakers star distributed 14 assists and remains the best in the league in this statistic. He has been in seven consecutive games with 10 or more, something that a Lakers player had not achieved since 1991 (Magic for 10 straight games). But the King did not remember the legend only in numbers, also in actions. Let's go with some examples. I was stung as soon as I received the ball from the perimeter to below the hoop so that Davis crushed alone. Welcome to a hand on a ball that came from the bottom of the NFL style to immediately download a released Caldwell-Pope who closes the first half with a triple. Offensive rebound from a fault of his own and as he puts his feet on the ground passes without looking at the corner where Davis finishes the game with a 3 + 1. And so some more.

He even stole the last ball in a play already desperate for the Thunder with only three seconds left and three down, which shows how plugged it is right now. Of course, without the rest of the partners working all this would not be worth anything. And the current Lakers work like clockwork. Anthony Davis is in the background before the exhibitions, night yes night too, by LeBron James. But the power forward is doing just what was expected of him. Play as the star it is. This time they were 33 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists with a 4/7 in triples. Like nothing. But Green also responds, McGee the minutes that touch him and Howard the ones that touch him, Kuzma always brings something from the bench, Rondo has already joined the rotation and even Caldwell-Pope looks like another before Avery's loss Bradley.

In front were Thunder who fell with honor, but who fell again. They are missing very little many days to take the matches. In fact they have the eighth worst record in the League tied with the Pistons, although there are 15 teams with a +/- general worse than them, including four in the West that go above them (Wolves, Kings, Pelicans and Grizzlies ). They play well and it would not be strange to see them fight for the playoffs until the end of the season. And more now that the Warriors are evicted and the Spurs and Blazers sunk, leaving the West more open than it seemed. And a note: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (24 + 7 + 4) is a player like the cup of a pine. It is not the first time we say it and it will not be the last.

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