Lakers complain about how referees treat LeBron

The forward did not launch a free throw in the angel victory in Memphis. In his 17 seasons, he had never visited the personnel line so little.

The Los Angeles Lakers got their seventh consecutive victory in Memphis against the Grizzlies and raised their balance to a 14-2 that makes them the NBA's solo leaders. The triumph in Tennessee was suffered: less than four minutes to go (3:24), the locals dominated 105-100. The partial 4-9 of the visitors in the last moments allowed the Angels to take their ninth victory on the road.

To achieve this, the Lakers pulled another masterful night of LeBron James. The forward reached 30 points with a 14 of 27 at the launch and without going even once to the free throw line. It was the 14th time in his 17 seasons and 1,214 games in the NBA that ends a game that way. An anomaly that does not begin to be so anomaly: the four times MVP of the League averages only 5.6 attempts from the personnel per encounter. It is the lowest level of his career. His previous minimum had him as a rookie with 5.8. Last season he signed a 7.6.

And in the Lakers the alarm has sounded. "It's frustrating. LeBron goes to the basket all night. He tried nine triples, but he is in the paint throughout the game ... When he attacks the basket and gets zero attempts from the staff, it is somewhat frustrating, ”said Frank Vogel, his coach. “If you look at my arm, these four or five scratches are from the last encounters and they were not missing. It is a personal issue that has happened to me more or less throughout my career and, especially, in recent years, ”said James himself. "We will deal with the matter through the appropriate channels and talk to the League about this," continued the technician.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers plan to discuss with the NBA about the way James is being called, adding 89 pitches for fouls this season, far from Harden's 241, Antetokounmpo's 179 and Doncic's 142 , the top three of the championship. Even Lou Williams (122) and Trae Young (109) have visited the line more times than King himself.

A scenario that many blame with a change in LeBron's style that is not such. Or not as pronounced as you think. In recent years he has approached more than triple than in the beginning of his career: in his rookie year he tried to run only 2.7 triples for the 5.6 of this course (0.3 less than the previous season). However, his insights and strength in the area remain his main weapon every day.

For many, the problem is LeBron himself. His physique, his strength means that many of the blows he receives are not conceived as faults. It almost does not flinch when you notice the contact of your opponent and sometimes the one who gets worse stopped is the offender himself. Something similar happened to Shaquille O'Neal, who almost had to be killed to stop him. Two supernatural powers afflicted with the same evil.

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