Koundé-Diego Carlos: Reliability back shoots Sevilla from Lopetegui

The team managed to leave their goal to zero for the first time away from home in the League. The couple from Ligue 1 is already the main support of the team with Fernando.


Sevilla shines as the best visiting team in this League and supports this facet in its defensive reliability. In Valladolid, he signed his first goal to zero this season in the League outside his fief and showed that he is able to combat his lack of efficiency with a great solidity behind. The couple formed by Diego Carlos and Koundé was once again decisive when signing another good performance in the center of the back against an opponent who dominated much of the match.

Monchi decided to strengthen his defense last summer and brought strength and quality in the ball. He did betting on two players from Ligue 1 who already seem to be experienced central in this League. Diego Carlos is untouchable and Koundé took the job after Carriço's injury. Both form an almost insurmountable duo for rival attacks and yesterday the suffering was for Sandro and Guardiola, who closed their duel almost blank.

Not only their backers give consistency to this Julen Lopetegui scheme. The insistent pressure of all its lines increases the difficulties of the rival and Fernando's position balances each movement. The Brazilian, turned into one of the brightest pivots of this League, knows how to position himself between the centrals when the wings appear in attack and is also a guarantee in the anticipations in the core. All life insurance for Lopetegui, who finds the consistency he wants for his Sevilla over the course of the day.

Photos from as.com
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