Kosovo thanks England for its support in the war 20 years ago

Kosovar fans waved English flags during the 'God Save the Queen' and showed their eternal gratitude to the English people.

In Pristina you could see the friendliest face of football. In February 1998, the Kosovo War between the Federal Yugoslav Republic and the Kosovo Liberation Army began, with support from the United Kingdom, as part of NATO, and which played a key role in ending the conflict in June 1999 In the Kosovar Republic they do not forget and the clash between their national team and England has been a good example of this. When the public address system played the famous 'God Save the Queen', fans who crowded the stands of Fadil Vokrri Stadium began waving the visiting flags while chanting the names of Gareth Southgate's men.

The good atmosphere prevailing between hobbies has been a constant in the days before the crash, even with banners welcoming "his brothers" who said a nice "Welcome and respect." "A massive thank you to Kosovo and its people for the fantastic welcome and hospitality. We have spent a few bright days here and are looking forward to returning!" That was the message of the fans of the 'Three Lions' who witnessed in the first person the great welcome kosovar.

When racist screams take over the visiting stands in recent times, demonstrations of affection such as that experienced in Pristina are welcome. Southgate himself was excited about the experience: "It was very special to experience a reception of this kind. I think tonight was much more than just a football game for Kosovo and we are very proud to have been part of it."

After what he showed his support for the men of Bernard Challandes, who still do not say goodbye to the European Championship after being third in the group after the English and the Czech Republic: "I like your team, I think they have a very good opportunity to qualify for the Euro through the playoffs ".

Get it or not, this match is a good example of a face that seems increasingly distant on the planet football; and the goals of Harry Winks, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford and Mason Mount are in a beautiful background.

Photos from as.com
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