Kodro breaks the 31-game El Sadar streak without losing

The exrojillo, who did not celebrate the goal, sealed Athletic's first victory at home this season. Unai Simon, imperial.


All the scenery was aimed at betting on red. An immaculate team for 31 games in their fortress against another trembling home. But football is magic and forecast subversion. Athletic, called to be the propitiatory victim, fell apart and Kodro (raise crows!) Made the goal that broke 602 days without desecrating El Sadar. The lions read the game very well, but Raúl García's injury, only such an intense pain in the pubis can bend the greatest warrior, forced him to take the rest, and took the visitors out of focus. The Athletic already finished with a milestone in 1959 in the old stadium of San Juan de Pamplona (30 games without losing) and returned to dress in spoilers to break the best mark of the last 50 years.

A The Sadar goes out to suffer. To sweat, to have happiness. 31 games without losing, a fort where the peak and the shovel prevail, where one spends an hour and a half sweats that sweats like a watering can and attends a catalog of loads, traffic jams, abuses ... The ambushes are constant and here the altar boys They stay in the locker room. Athletic threw the best 35 minutes away from home the whole season. He interpreted very well what had to be done, how to harm an opponent of so much postín. Play when I could and if not, keep the position. Osasuna started as usual, pressing hard and on the first arrival, the rojiblanco team found the goal. Raúl García picked up a deep ball and scored. He did not celebrate it. The VAR warned by pulling lines between the head of the red and white knee of an opponent was the first one. Thousands of millimeters. Juan Villar was also crossed out one short time later for another sneak peek of video arbitration.

Sancet, luminous presence as a midfielder covering a lot of field, was looking for solutions with the last pass and the defense was imperial. It was exhausted by the requirement of First. From his boots came the assistance for Williams 0-1. A pack of bison was expected at the start, but the rojiblanco team held the horses. The tenants of the attack front exchanged positions and that seemed to break the schemes of a team as sure of himself at home as Osasuna. The onslaught, the rhythm ... everything was tempered by the Gaizka Garitano troop.

Athletic was very well-established, but in the final ten minutes of the first half, it split a little and the intensity downturn gave him problems. The strategy caused him certain losses and in each corner he was finished off with danger. There emerged an Unai Simon who took three goal balls. The lions covered the lateral centers, were mature, had arrival and dominated with rapid transitions. Williams and Raul fell offside in another boarding school that was on the way to goal

But at the break, Raul had to sit down because of discomfort in the pubis and the quills of the visitors trembled. Capa had a bad digestion when Chimy fell by his side, and Rubén García was being the best of Navarre. But on a very rough date, he was also injured and had to parade. Arrasate put Cardona and Adrian, two players with much less blood than Rubén and Villar himself. Ávila went ahead of Yuri and made the draw. Athletic was overwhelmed. From his office, Garitano appreciated him and put San José to hold the lines. He was thanked by his troop, who graduated better the view and in a play with three errors per second, between Lekue and Kodro resolved 1-2. Williams, a nightmare for the band with his speed, was primed in a counterattack and when he had only Córdoba on the left, to push it, he aborted a play that could have closed the debate long before the whistle in 90'.

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