Klopp: "We asked Aston Villa if he wanted to come to Qatar"

The Liverpool coach must make two teams, one to play the Carabao Cup on December 17 and another to play the Club World Cup on the 18th.

Liverpool has already made a decision regarding its tight schedule. On December 17 he has a Carabao Cup match against Aston Villa, while the next day, on the 18th, he must play the Club World Cup semifinals. Taking into account that one game is in England and the other in Qatar, the club did not see viable to play both players and after several days of controversy and conversation, it has been decided to make two different templates for these dates.

Liverpool want to compete in both tournaments with their best players, but against Aston Villa they will use a much weaker team than in the Club World Cup (of course they prefer to try to win a competition in which they do not participate every year). That is why in the Carabao Cup they will have mostly youth players.

Liverpool has issued a statement in which it says that it is not "the ideal scenario" but that they accept the decision not to have moved the game to the other dates that were raised.

Meanwhile, Jürgen Klopp was joking about the problem of playing two games on different continents just a few hours apart: "The plan is to play against Aston Villa, catch the next morning a flight to Qatar, arrive three hours before the game and play it. We even asked Aston Villa if he wanted to go play in Qatar. " Shortly afterwards he acknowledged that they should make two teams, and although he believes that there will also be two coaches, he was not sure if he was going to lead the networks in both games.

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