"The key has been with the ball, we were not successful"

The Levante coach said that the team's effort deserved a point that went away in the final moments and highlighted the little success with the ball.

Feeling the game: "Well, we are in the usual, the intensity ... Playing against Athletic in San Mamés who have been playing in the same way for a thousand years, we know the team we have and our characteristics. One of the keys is with the ball and if we are not right logically it shows. I wish we had everything ... but hey, I insist that the key for me has been in the ball when we had it that we could have done more damage. There have also been key plays such as Campaign or Morales, but we knew that they were going to squeeze, this stadium pushes and we have to live it down there and we have been missing a little point although it is true that Athletic has made merits ".

What has the team lacked ?: "The first half we have fundamentally lacked, that we have done for the first time in the 30th minute, the ball. In side centers we have been pretty good, Athletic plays the same. This is how we had our options and, as always, we could have done better ".

The goals: "It is a side center that we have to make the effort and reach with it. In the side center we had been fine and in that play there has been undefined and Muniain has finished off with pleasure. They are avoidable, but we are as always, if we we do not forgive those we have had for 0-2 would have given us more peace of mind ".

Disputes: "What we talked at the break is that this second ball, go to the dispute with Raúl García ... It depends on the characteristics you are better at some things than others. In the first half the problem was that. Raúl García won the ball and they entertain little with the ball and take it outside and we had to shrink water in the area. At the time the team connected three passes we were able to hurt. There have been times that we have been very unfortunate, in the passes, in the controls ... In that type of game, by characteristics, they will have more advantage ".

Barrera: "I'm glad you ask me that question and that's fine because the teams know that we have specialists and it has happened to us last season and this is still happening to us. It's amazing the short distance between the ball and the barrier. It's already Well, first that is 9.15 and if a soccer player asks you to do it, and second, instead of favoring offensive football, do it with the offender ... but the truth is that it is very repetitive when we have an action in the front of the area for our pitchers ".

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