Joubert, the 40-year-old goalkeeper who stopped Deschamps France

He is the owner of a Dudelange that today challenges the Dudelange in the Europa League. In 2017, he signed with Luxembourg some historic tables against a France full of stars.

Jonathan Joubert is part of the history of Luxembourg football. With ninety internationalities in its possession, it is one of the pieces that lead an F91 Dudelange with which it has a contract until June of next year. He already played against Sevilla in the appointment of Sánchez Pizjuán and supported his people until the second part in a clear nod to his past, which made him a world landmark on September 3, 2017. That day, Joubert managed to finish unbeaten in a clash with Luxembourg signing the goalless tables against a France that would end up proclaiming itself world champion in 2018.

In that qualifying phase for the event, his team signed a historic 0-0 against a team commanded by Pogba and Kanté in their midfield and with Mbappé and Griezmann in their attack. Joubert became a wall before the imposing team trained by Didier Deschamps. More pieces like Nabil Fekir, Coman or Lacazette jumped into the field, but none of them was able that night to beat the current goalkeeper of the Dudelange.

His duel against Sevilla several weeks ago reflected his intention to remain important in his club and also in his country. "It should be my last game with the national team, in fact that's why I agreed to play it," said the goalkeeper after being the star of that duel against France. Today, it is still an important asset in his team and, for the moment, nobody dares to limit his career. As much as your big day is already in the past.

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