Jarama stars in the last event of the Spanish Championship

More than half of the RACE-Community of Madrid Rally route will focus on the circuit, with various variants.


The great end of season party changes its face. The Jarama Circuit will monopolize almost all the prominence in the RACE-Community of Madrid Rally that closes the Spanish Championship next week. More than half of the route will focus on its layout with various variants to offer a spectacle that is more accessible to the public.

For the circuit's director, Ignacio Fernández, "the incorporation of new timed sections in the Jarama will help the public, the teams and the drivers enjoy the rally in a safe and comfortable environment. Our test has always been unique, different and special and, the desire of RACE and the Spanish Federation to offer fans a great end to the Spanish Championship inspire this new format ".

There will only be two specials on the road, La Puebla and El Berrueco, which will be repeated twice on Friday 22, and the rest of the route until Saturday ends will be located in the circuit with four variants, two of them mixed, with parts of land. A configuration that has liked some and has raised criticism from others.

On the sports plane, with the asphalt title already in the hands of Pepe López, the mixed super championship between Madrid and Xevi Pons, the title of marks between Hyundai and Citroën and the asphalt sub-championship between Surhayen Pernía and Iván Ares remain to be decided .

Photos from as.com
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