Jainaga forgets Athletic and tried the Bilbao Basket

The basketball club will undertake a capital increase and was trying to probe the president of Sidenor. There are also options with Del Campo, Pineda and Guezuraga.

A little less than a year ago, José Antonio Jainaga, president of Sidenor, stirred by surprise and with precipitation the electoral process of Athletic that in December was to be completed by naming a successor to Josu Urrutia. During a colloquium after the delivery of the 'Euskadi Avanza' awards, from El Correo, the great rojiblanco follower, in a relaxed atmosphere, said: “In the coffee machine everyone talks about everything. But I never said in public that I would go to the Athletic elections ... To this day. With that everything is clear. For now ”. His name had been ringing for a long time in the pools of possible candidates for the Ibaigane armchair and threw himself into the ring, but months later he dedicated himself to 'pick up cable', as it is said now. The reason for this gesture of recular was never really known. The strong guarantee could be one of the reasons. There were also political interferences. And a meeting with Elizegi to try to join forces, but no agreement was reached on the visible head. Everything was forgotten.

Jainaga has now been the subject of several surveys in view of a possible entry into the Bilbao Basket Board of Directors, along with other entrepreneurs. One of them is his right hand, Marco Pineda (Bilbao, 1973), corporate general manager of Sidenor. He was at CIE Automotive and in 2008 he entered Gerdau Europe (formerly Sidenor Group). He made a parenthesis with Elkargi, an entity that helps finance through the endorsement of companies, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bilbao Basket has convened for today an Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, in the first call, but there will be no quorum and everything will be postponed for Monday at 6:00 p.m. The current Council ceases and attempts to undertake a capital increase of 1.2 million before the existing short of 775,077 euros. The Miribilla club has just passed a bankruptcy process. During the same, a company based in Valencia approached and dedicated to the intermediation of real estate operations, which argued that it contributed 700,000 euros to get 60% of the entity. They argued that they had the idea of providing sponsors worth one million euros in the near future. In bankruptcy proceedings they usually fly over these types of approaches and that, apparently, threw back the club and the administrator, who did not see any seriousness in the proposal. This firm wielded that it had the idea of establishing itself in Bilbao by linking to others in the city. And in more remote times, José Cobelo, from Arrinda's surroundings, was planning a return.

Now it is about recruiting ten entrepreneurs and putting 60,000 euros each, to have 600,000 in the expansion and, together with actions they already manage, control the entity. They are also in this group that tries to form, although its crystallization is very complex, Del Campo, accountant of the current Bilbao Basket Council; and Asier Guezuraga, from Euskaltax (a firm dedicated to tax and commercial advice that sponsors the basketball club). The actions would be syndicated, all would go to one and the president would be elected among all. The only one linked to basketball is Pineda, former Loiola Indautxu. Another of the objectives of the entity is to definitively suppress the titles assigned in its day by Gorka Arrinda (former maximum owner) for the symbolic value of one euro, by acquiring treasury shares for amortization. There are 15,830 shares that will be sold at one cent each for a total of € 158.30. In the Ordinary Meeting, the one-year increase in the term of director will be proposed, from the current five to six, with the consequent modification of article 24 of the Bylaws.

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