Italian press magazine after the Ferrari collide in Brazil

The main media outlines that the tension between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel has exploded in Interlagos.


There were only five laps left to finish the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc has just climbed to fourth position after a magnificent braking rush at the end of the finish line over Sebastian Vettel. However, Vettel was not going to sell his defeat so easily and thanks to the use of the DRS in the inter-straight line of Interlagos, the German returned to stand in parallel with Leclerc to recover his lost position. The rest of the story belongs to the history of Ferrari.

Two car punctures and out of the race, mutual exchange of reproaches on the radio and a meeting in Maranello this week with both protagonists organized by Mattia Binotto to try to stop, with a view to 2020, the enmity that since the 2019 Russian Grand Prix has installed in the garage of Cavallino Rampante.

A new controversy that has not gone unnoticed by the press of the transalpine country, which censor harshly in the editions of this Monday the performance of the Maranello team in the penultimate test of the Formula 1 World Cup 2019.

Press review in Italy after the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix 2019

Corriere Della Sera: "Behind the Ferrari clash, there is the annoyance of Sebastian Vettel, which triggers a reaction immediately after a setback suffered, Leclerc overtaking in the 'S "Senna. The consequence: a useless and fatal detour, since Seb had enough space ahead to attempt a replica of a completely different nature. The German, for some reason, behaves, suddenly, like a child he he removes the toy and reacts like a child. His gestures on the track are similar to angry shrieks. The frame of the collision tells us of a psychological dynamic and reiterates that this leads Sebastian to convert a small blow or a discreet damage into a unbearable affront, in a terrifying chasm. It has been that way for a long time and now it is easy for all fans to see that this process has already produced several losses. It is very difficult to handle ar a phenomenon that is sometimes crazy ".

La Gazzetta Dello Sport: "Stupidity. Tense environment. The situation at Ferrari is getting complicated. Leclerc and Vettel, a relationship that was serene in the last two races, runs the risk of deteriorating after contact in Brazil. Many small precedents pose serious problems of management to Cavallino. The two pilots did not want to feed the controversy, but the tense situation is more than evident "

Il Giornale: "Ferrari disaster with a touch of Vettel and Leclerc. Ferrari has ruled out the possibility of finishing on the podium. The broken voice and seemingly confused state of Mattia Binotto at the end of the race showed Maranello's garage problems: lack of leadership and the useless dispersion of forces Scuderia has a latent disease that creeps in from the beginning of 2019: sometimes weaker, sometimes more leathery, like a virus that cannot be eradicated The symptoms of a technician named to make leader without success ".

La Stampa: "The rivalry between the drivers explodes. When two cars touch each other at 300 kilometers / hour, the minimum that can happen is that they break. The crash is not the only bad news for Ferrari: in Interlagos, the Honda engine showed which is superior and even the Mercedes has finished ahead of them. A worrying fall ".

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