Iñigo López's lawyer questions the legality of the police action in Oikos

Lerena considers the damage caused by a detention "manifestly unfair, unfounded and" to be considered illegal "" unspeakable. "


The legal representative of the player Iñigo López and his representative, Rodrigo Fernández, has questioned before the judge that instructs the Oikos case, of damage in Spanish football matches, the legality of the new arrests made by the Unit of Economic and Violent Crimes ( UDEV) in the second phase of the operation

In a brief addressed to the court, to which Efe has had access, this lawyer, Juan Pablo Lerena, asks to "debug responsibilities" among police officers for the nine arrests made last Monday, "apparently without knowledge or authorization of the court."

Considers "improper of a rule of law for being contrary to legality, judicial protection and presumption of innocence" the arrests carried out after the analysis of manuscript documents seized months ago and referred to the alleged size of the Second Division party between Reus and Valladolid in the 2017 season

Stresses that the police action contravenes a judge's order last June 12 in which he warned of the need to communicate to the judge possible new facts constituting alleged crimes, as well as the discovery of other parties allegedly rigged.

"Is this not a full-fledged judicial disobedience?" The lawyer is questioned in his brief, who also wonders how the police unit in charge of the case "obviated, raffled, circumvented or avoided" the judicial mandate.

Considers that the magistrate did not authorize the arrests, "taking into account the result of them: all released the next morning, without even giving a statement or having issued any precautionary measure."

Regrets that several of the defendants spent "one day and one night" in the dungeons, some already detained in the previous phase of the operation and available to court since then, and wonders about the reasons why the judge was not limited to citing them formally.

In addition, the lawyer claims to ignore the reasons why not all of the people in the manuscript documents were arrested, and for which some of them, Raúl Bravo and Carlos Aranda, were released after refusing to testify at the police station.

"On the answers we get to these questions," he adds, "the scope of the responsibilities that we intend to demand will depend. We must put an end to excessive police action, to police instruction without judicial control."

Lerena considers "unspeakable" the damage caused by a "manifestly unjust, unfounded detention and it remains to be seen illegal", and stresses that personal, psychological, social, family, professional and moral damages have been caused by police action "impossible to imagine ".

Reminds the judge that in the aforementioned order last June he asked the police to inform within ten days of the evidence of criminality against some of the detainees in the first phase of the operation.

At the conclusion of the brief, the lawyer asks the judge to agree "what is necessary" so that the police proceed to return the seized mobile phones to their two clients "without judicial authorization", the urgent fulfillment of what was agreed in the order of the Last June

It also claims that a "mirror copy" of the computer devices that were seized from Iñigo López be provided in the detentions made last May, as well as all the documents and effects required.

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