Indurain, to AS: "I miss this sudden change in the Movistar"

Miguel Indurain, honored for his participation in the 1984 Olympic Games, reviewed the current cycling event in AS: Movistar, Van der Poel ...

Miguel Indurain went to the COE headquarters to receive a diploma for his participation in the 1984 Olympic Games as well as a large number of other participants. That year, the Winter Games in Sarajevo and the Summer Games in Los Angeles were played. In the latter was the Navarrese, which was his first great trip with a professional at age 20. He attended AS.

-How do you remember those Olympic Games?

They were my first and then I repeated in Atlanta 1996. In cycling, the Olympic theme was not very integrated and in those days we were amateurs. The atmosphere was great in the Olympic Village. I went with 20 years and, now it will have changed I imagine, but you found swimmers, athletes, basketball players .... Everyone you watched on TV. You were living with them, eating. Overall, we had a great time.

-Recently died Poulidor, an important figure in the world cycling scene.

He was not a winner but he was a very brave runner, a reference in cycling because he lived with passion. He gave everything. He had a difficult time with Jacques Anquetil and Eddy Merckx. He achieved a lot of second places but was very loved by the people. When I went to France I was in all the races: in the Tour, the Paris-Nice, the Dauphiné ... I lived intensely the cycling and the truth a shame that has left us.

-How do you see Spanish cycling for 2020? The tour of Tour and Tour has already been presented.

The races are already being presented, and soon I saw that the Vuelta will also do it. Brokers we have. Alejandro Valverde, that means goodbye in Tokyo 2020, although that will be decided by him, Marc Soler. Enric Mas, the brothers Izagirre (Ion and Gorka), Mikel Landa ... are at a good level and theirs is the future. We'll see where they arrive.

-The Movistar presents numerous changes.

There has been a big 'scarecrow' it seems. It is a team that usually maintains structure. They have gone Nairo, Carapaz, who this year won the Giro. It is a strategy that other years had not. I hope that the new signings maintain the level, because those changes may feel bad, although they will know why they have done so. With Valverde and Enric Mas, if you find your site, you will give us many joys.

-An opinion on Mathieu van der Poel

It is one of the young values. It is very diverse (MTB, cyclocross, road) although there are many today that are so. Some make track, others cyclocross. Today they learn to ride also depends on the country and tradition they have. The road is where the effort is most paid. Van der Poel is a cyclist family and cyclocross in Holland is practiced a lot. In my time it was also done to train winter, among other things to preserve ability. If he is convinced, go ahead, although the full year is hard. This year at the World Cup he was seen that the forces ultimately fail you.

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