"If I were Honda, I would sign up Marc Marquez"

Juan Martínez, coach of Rossi, Gibernau or Hayden in his day, and general manager of Andreani MHS, would give the alternative to Alex Márquez in Repsol Honda.

Word of Juan Martínez, technician of Rossi, Gibernau or Hayden in his day, general director of Andreani MHS and commentator of DAZN, is very clear that he would give the alternative to Álex Márquez in Repsol Honda as a substitute for Jorge Lorenzo instead of betting on Johann Zarco. It has several reasons, but the strongest is to please Marc Márquez, who has yet to renew with Honda by the end of the 2020 season.

These are Martínez's reasons: “If I were Honda, I would sign Marc's name. Why? To keep you happy. In addition, Zarco does not guarantee at the sports level the performance that is assumed to the owner of that motorcycle. It is true that it is in progression in these last two races and that it continues to improve here, because it ended the first day at six tenths of the head, but it is no guarantee of anything. Seen as they have seen the rest of pilots in Honda, we must pay attention to what Marc says, which is the one that is guaranteeing the result. From there, I don't think Zarco can become someone who sportsly pushes Marc in the same box. ”

More: “It would be interesting to see Alex in that box, to see how it evolves, but also to see how Marc manages the situation. Alex is used to being constantly measured with Marc, but not with his own motorcycle. Comparing him once again would be normal for him, although it remains to be seen how he would manage it on a sporting and psychological level. And as for Marc, who has always demonstrated a paternalistic character with his brother, it would be necessary to see how he would react to any action against his brother from a rival of Marc. Would he be able to contain himself? That's the big question I have left, but it would be very interesting to see how Marc behaves with his brother on the track, in the same category and in the same box. ”

On who he thinks will be the elected one, the director of Andreani MHS says: “I think Marc must have known for a long time about Lorenzo's withdrawal, because he has been making statements with which he is running for his brother for about ten days. He has already said that Alex is prepared and that he deserved to be in MotoGP sports, without speaking directly about it. This makes me think that Alex has many numbers to be chosen, but you also hear voices that say it seems that Honda does not want to commit to that second pilot for more than a year and the same thing is not attractive enough that proposal to Alex for leap. In that case Zarco would enter the equation. ”

As for the duration of the agreement, one year before the market opens at the end of the 2020 year or more, Juan believes that “if it is your brother who forces you to enter, it is not enough to sign for a year. If Marc Real's dream is to have his brother in his team, there is a three-year play seen for Alex, and Marc renews for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. That would leave Honda calm and Alex would give him the opportunity to really adapt to the category in three years. There is a lot of technical equality in all garages, but going to a factory team is a differential factor and, if you get a three-year contract, it is milk. For one ... ”

And as for the poisoned candy that it could be for Alex to get on a motorcycle as delicate as the RC213V with which a whole pentacampeón like Lorenzo, Martínez has no doubts: “It is a great opportunity, regardless of that. Where would it go the following year? With all due respect, to Pramac or Avintia, having been able to go to Repsol Honda? It is a great opportunity. ”

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