Honda invents horses and scares the big two

They end the season with two cooler last-generation engines and that allows them to approach Ferrari or Mercedes at top speed.

A Vettel found the "high" of Honda in Brazil "suspicious", although he was joking, and Hamilton also appreciates the Japanese engine's quality jump in these last races of the season. It was the third pole of the season for Red Bull and for the second time in a circuit that is not exactly kind to the engines, with two sectors that are practically done entirely with the pedal in depth. The Japanese manufacturer hits the table with Max Verstappen, who points to his power unit as one of those responsible: "I was not the fastest in the last sector but the intermediate, which is the one with the most curves. Throughout the year we have progressed in both chassis and engine and we are also experimenting for next year ".

Perhaps in the energy house they expected Interlagos to end up very close to the top speeds of Ferrari. Leclerc scored 331.2 kilometers per hour with the Dutchman at not much disadvantage (330.2 km / h). But neither Ferrari nor Mercedes expected Red Bull to yield just 23 thousandths against the almighty Italian engine in the huge straight of the José Carlos Pace Racecourse.

"There is no progress from one race to another because it is the same engine, or so I think. It was a surprise, we have seen several classifications in which we were a little faster than the others in the straight, losing a little in the curves , but this time Max or Alex were just as fast as we were on the straight. And we haven't done anything different on our part ... "Vettel told a news conference. Hamilton sent congratulations, but also doubts: "It is good for the sport that there is another manufacturer making good engines and helping the third team to arrive. I do not understand at all, because we only have the engines we have and I do not know if they can be brought improvements within the engine itself, but they are very, very fast and there is work to do ".

How has the gap been reduced? Where do the horses come from? Mileage can be a cause and gives a good explanation: both Red Bull and Toro Rosso changed their engines in Suzuka and the four cars have two units of the fourth Honda specification for this season finale. Its 'top' propeller is doubled, while the rest of the equipment is very fair due to wear, and there is the fact that this latest evolution of Honda did include significant improvements in performance, not just reliability. Honda has long since ceased to be a drag, although it does not stand out from above, but if you add a streak driver, a great chassis, the best evolutions of the season and an engine more than approved, the result may be the third pole left over of Verstappen in Interlagos. And who knows if also the third victory of the year ...

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