Hervías: "Lately it's costing us to start the games well"

The Rioja, who premiered against Sevilla, believes that there is "nothing to reproach the team" after the defeat

Pablo Hervías played his first starting game against Sevilla this season. Real Valladolid fell for the first time at home this season. Despite this, according to the Rioja, there is "nothing" to reproach the team, which played a "very complete" game and was "close to draw" .

The Spanish team dominated "the other football" to keep the result until the end. "They were very successful and almost did not play," said Hervías, who praised the opponent's defensive work: "They had a lot of success, they took out all the balls. They have many centimeters with Diego Carlos, Koundé and Fernando. In addition, we lacked precision in the final minutes ".

The blanquivioletas were ballasted because they did not enter the game well, something that lastrated them and is happening to them lately. "It is costing us a little more to start. We have to be a solid and supportive block and have the same frequency. If we do, things will go well. Despite losing, we were there, not as in Vitoria," he analyzed. extreme

"Happy" personally

After "a long time" without being a starter, Hervías was back from the game. He noticed the inactivity and effort, and left fatigued, with the twins and the ischiams somewhat loaded, but with good sensations in the injured knee. "I am very happy. I generated dangerous situations, with several dangerous centers and the lack. After so much without playing, I was very well. When you do not play you miss it; you have to give everything you own or play a minute, and enjoy "he said.

Although Míchel was in charge of the stopped ball, Sergio told him that if he felt confident he would put it, and so his chance for a foul came. "I thought about throwing and Sandro gave me confidence. I knew it was going to be fine. I tried to score a goal or the goalkeeper could make a mistake or leave a rejection in the area," he said.

The stake was conditioned by the penalty that had to be repeated, which Hervias lamented. "Stopping a penalty is difficult. It was a rush and the fans broke up. I don't know if it was too early or too much, but to be told to repeat ... If the rule says that, it's what it is, but not me I like it, "Hervías settled.

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