Harden beats his personal shot mark, scores 49 points and wins

The Rockets left Minnesota with the victory despite the nonsense of James Harden, who scored 49 points after throwing 41 times to the basket.

Seventh consecutive victory for the Rockets despite the injuries of Eric Gordon and Clint Capela, who have changed plans. The Texan team is holding the type, following the same trend as last year (bad start, good recovery), thanks to a James Harden you almost never know what to expect.

A tight match that broke in the last quarter, where the visitors here broke the wall of the Timberwolves with a large partial: 20-32 in that fourth period. Base Russell Westbrook was also not present as he was given rest, which gives more credit to the Rockets, who beat 105-125.

James Harden contributed 49 points, but the funny thing is that he beat his personal pitching mark in an NBA game: 41, of which he scored 16 (8/19 of two, 8/22 of three). The rivals highlighted the good defense over him, but that the others were the ones who contributed the differential point: for example, McLemore (20), Rivers (19) and the unusual Chris Clemons (19 points) and Isaiah Hartenstein (16 rebounds) .

On the local side, good contributions from Karl-Anthony Towns (27 points, 15 rebounds, .2 blocks and 2 steals), Jake Layman (21 points) and Robert Covington (17 points), in addition to the 13 goals of the promising rookie Jarrett Culver .

Great staging of the Rockets, which are placed at the rhythm of the Lakers with a balance of 10-3. Minnesota Timberwolves keep 7-6.

Photos from as.com
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