Griezmann, five games without scoring, again down

He will concentrate these days with France among some concern. Valverde and Deschamps protect him, but even Bartomeu is restless because he doesn't take off.

This time, Griezmann could not even regret that they did not pass the ball. Messi, with a magnificent timing, waited for him to arrive in a clear counterattack for Barça and put the ball forward, perfect for the definition of French, which is usually infallible. But the Prince was so keen to score that he blew the ball against Ruben and was left unmarked against Celta. Again, to the locker room without getting wet. Griezmann has been five consecutive games without scoring since he did it in Ipurúa in the 0-3 against Eibar. He did not score in the two Champions League games against Slavia (in Europe he has zero goals) and has not been able to score goals against Valladolid, Levante and Celta.

Griezmann, then, travels to France to concentrate in the middle of a downturn. It has the support of a solid career and its coaches. Deschamps said last Thursday when he offered the list of France that he was not at all worried about Griezmann. "We have it with everyone," he said, asked about the somewhat disenchanted air that shows the logical process of adaptation. Valverde said yesterday that they will have the patience that is necessary with former Atlético player.

The concern with Griezmann has been rising levels in the offices of the Camp Nou and is already on the management floor. According to the SER Chain, Bartomeu believes that Griezmann's lace is one of the keys of the season. The months pass and, for the moment, the adaptation is not just complete. They are not only the few goals he has made at the moment, four in fifteen games, but the feeling that he does not finish meeting on the field. Especially, in the offensive phase.

Griezmann has demonstrated commitment to Barça from day one and his involvement in defense is absolute. However, it has not yet found attack automatisms. It is unchecked and does not receive, passes minutes without touching the ball and is far from the hot areas of the field. With a club so dependent on Messi, it seems that the team needs complements to the Argentine to maintain their competitiveness and opt for titles. At the moment, patience and confidence that the player will perform is transmitted. And Griezmann has won all the challenges of his career. This is undoubtedly capitalized.

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