Gran Canaria caresses the high zone after imposing itself on Murcia

Agony triumph for Granca, who smiles at his fans with his second home victory and looks out to the play-off zone with a balance of 5-4.


The Herbalife Gran Canaria caresses the upper area of the table after adding his third consecutive victory in the Endesa League, this time at home to a fighter UCAM Murcia (85-79), who put his rival against the ropes in a chameleonic duel and of continuous alternatives. Despite not having the World Cup Xavi Rabaseda for a bruise on his left hand - he was expected to play after recovering from his problems with his right wrist -, the yellow team cemented his victory at Harper's points (22) and in versatility of Beirán (21 of valuation), before an opponent who capitalized his options in the success of Booker (23 points) .

In any case, the visitors tore more plugged in face to face, bringing out their outer artillery through Booker and Luz, generating the first hemorrhage on their island rival (5-10). The pupils of Fotis Katsikaris reacted, and with an opportune Harper - 10 points in the first quarter - cauterized the wound to reduce it to a tight 13-14, but it was again a mirage. At the time the UCAM reacted by putting land in between, signing in the electronic one more than eloquent 15-21, with a triple of Larentzakis as a culmination in the absence of 2:54 for the conclusion of the first period.

The tables changed with the entry of the second yellow unit. Nothing more jumping to the floor, Beirán hooked five points from the paint and the personnel line (20-21), closing the Bourousis wound with two free throws and Burjanadze with a throw from the outside (25-21). Larentzakis ended up making up the local spill, but there was already a change in sign in the match.

In the second quarter, Beirán and Paulí resumed the offensive operations, and based on trays they further eroded the Murcia trench -partial 10-3-, taking advantage of an unexpected short circuit of Sito Alonso's pupils (36-27). Gradually, Murcia was recovering the bellows, with a new repertoire of Booker between the paint and the line of three, seconded by the Cate mates, balancing the balance again (36-36) and forcing the dead time for the yellows at 2:46 for the break. In the final exchange of baskets, the Herbalife took oxygen with a last penetration of Harper that allowed his team to close the first part with a slight advantage (45-42), before a second part that promised more startles.

In the resumption, Booker continued to agglutinate the gallons in the vanguard, but it was sterile, since the continuous rotations of Gran Canaria made a dent in Murcia, despite using Katsikaris to 10 players, with the added absence of Rabaseda. Beirán put the maximum difference in the equator of the third quarter (54-44), and although the Levantine exteriors tightened the nuts from the perimeter, the truth is that the insular cadre continued to contemplate with an income that was around the ten.

However, everything vanished in the blink of an eye. In just one minute, two free throws from Tomb, a triple from Lecomte and a counterattack from Townes ended up turning the tortilla (58-59), before the surprise of a Katsikaris who took hold of a new dead time. Already in the final assault, the match continued under the same script: a first local arreón, now starring Shurna and Harper (67-59) that would be answered by a new rebound from UCAM (70-67). From there, the scoring duel between Harper and Booker seemed more than decisive for the two, above the score-twenty, until the yellow launched a new ordage two minutes to the end with a new multiple (78-72) .

Also hurried his board with a timeout and the tactical adjustment had its effect with an immediate triple of Townes and a tomb mate (78-77), and the crash entered a point of continuous agony. To a triple of Cook corresponded Booker with two free throws (81-79), and with the swords to all high to 30 seconds for the end. Cook gave air again with two points from the personnel line, but in the final replica of Murcia, Booker lost the gunpowder at the decisive moment, in a play protested by the Levantine expedition for an alleged foul on the American. In the end, agonizing but balsamic triumph for Gran Canaria, who again smiles at his fans with his second home victory (85-79), peering into the play-off zone with a balance of 5-4, while the Murcia stays one more week at the gates, with 4 wins and 5d misses in the Endesa League.

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