Gorka Izagirre: "I stay comfortable with the season"

The Basque cyclist, now immersed in the cyclocross season, values his year at the Astana: the Great Laps, the World Cup, his brother Ion ...

Gorka Izagirre (1987, Astana Pro Team) now enjoys the cyclocross competition after a remarkable 2019 on the asphalt. The Guipuzcoan tried to take advantage of his opportunities and showed off at top-level races, such as the San Sebastián Classical, fourth, or the ninth World Championship, and, above all, it was a luxury gregarious for the leaders of his beginning team at the end of 2019. Now run over the mud to keep the “spark” .

What is your balance of your season?

I've been comfortable with the year I've done. I started well, with a victory in one lap for the first time - the Tour de la Provence -, and then I have done my work for the leaders, especially in the Great Laps. I always like to be combative and maintain the level throughout the season. I think I have achieved it and that is why I am satisfied.

And he shone at home: next to his brother in the triumph of Ion in Itzulia and fourth in the San Sebastian Classical.

Itzulia was not an easy race because until the last day we didn't turn around before two strong rivals like Schachmann and Buchmann. And in Donostia I stayed near the podium. Personally, I had some races for me, like Donostia or Paris-Nice, a career that I have always liked, although this year I had to go home in the second stage because of a fall. And I've also had freedom in the latest Italian classics.

And how close it was to the World Cup to take the lead group that played medals in Yorkshire.

Yes ... The truth is yes. What will I say now. I had only done a World Cup before, that of Bergen, in Norway, which earned me to know the race and so I knew what I could find this year. The truth is that I left wanting and knowing that I could do well. I think I did it that way, with options to play until the end, but I have that penalty.

And in the Tour de France and the Tour of Spain he had to be next to his leaders.

On the Tour the goal was to work for Fuglsang. Once it fell we were given freedom in leaks. And in the Tour he had to work for Miguel Ángel López. Maybe in the team we have lacked a podium in a Grande. In any case, I think we have won many races and as a team we have always shown ourselves in the fight.

Even having finished late and with 80 days of competition, cyclocross dispute.

I started in the Spanish Cups of Llodio and Elorrio. Now I've been on vacation, I'll make a break, but I'll come back again. In principle, I will make the home calendar, like last year, the Euskadi Championship, the Ormaiztegi race and little else. On the one hand, I like it and I have a good time. And, on the other hand, the years go by and maybe you start to lose a little spark. Since I have been doing cyclocross, I have noticed another sensation in road tests.

With what goal will the 2020 season face?

With the same idea. I would like to have my opportunities in some races and work for others the rest of the season. Today there are opportunities for everyone. In December we have the first concentration and then we will talk. I would not like to change the calendar much, especially at the beginning, Paris-Nice, Itzulia, classics .... We will see what great turns we do. Not only is it about my personal decision, but it depends on the goals of the team. And Astana will continue to maintain a nearby block. Now Alex (Aranburu) and Óscar (Rodríguez) arrive and especially with Alex my brother and I have a very close relationship. I think we make a good group

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