Germán's injury opens Martínez's door to ownership

It's time for José Antonio Martínez. The central has the difficult mission of supplying a German who was in a great state of shape, but will be about a month off


The time of José Antonio Martínez arrives. The central has the difficult mission of supplying a German who was in an excellent state. The leader of the Nasrid defense has a muscle injury that could take him off the pitch for two to four weeks. That is, at least four games. And Martínez will be the alternative of Diego Martínez to occupy the center of the rear with Domingos Duarte.

José Martínez has left three matches at the start in which his debut in the top category is being held with mixed results: a victory, a defeat and a draw, although he has also left the bench in four more to add 312 minutes. The one of the Palm of the County, although it was signed by Eibar after a great season with Barcelona B, did not have with the armored team the opportunity to debut in First. Last year he was transferred to Granada by the Basque team in Second and this season Diego Martínez insisted on his arrival to reinforce the center of the rear after Bernardo Cruz's departure, which the coach did not have. The injury of Neyder Lozano, in the dry dock since the preseason, makes José Martínez the only option to replace the gaditano, but another injury or sanction in that area would force to pull Victor Diaz as central, a position that although is not usual for him, he has occupied it several times.

Diego asked for his return

Diego Martínez has known Martínez since his beginnings. Because José and Diego agreed in that Athletic Sevilla. After several years together in the Spanish subsidiary, destiny separated them. However, when the coach took the reins of Granada in Second did not hesitate to ask Martinez, already signed by Eibar. He arrived for the project in Second and this season the coach returned to him after a long negotiation with Eibar to get another assignment. Diego trusts him and loved him in his team and the Huelva now has the opportunity to return that trust.

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