Garitano: "We have reliability"

"The Athletic site does not know what it is, it is what marks you every week. We have reliability, the team is very competitive, which has almost no bad days," he said after winning Osasuna.

The first home victory of Athletic this course came in El Sadar that Gaizka Garitano commented that "we had achieved several draws, but the only thing that justifies the victories," says the Derio coach, adding that they had been "we have been solid and we have known how to suffer, and we have deserved the victory. " 23 points in Europe: "The site does not know what it is, it is what marks you every week. We have reliability, the team is very competitive, it has almost no bad days."

Kodro scored the second after a few weeks in fallow: "We knew that the first time we had players with more football and when Unai and Oihan were going to run out of gas, we would put in more physical people. In the end and it went well." The Donostiarra-Bosnian is questioned: "Unless Kenan de Lezama has weighed. He is one of the best professionals I have, an exceptional kid and we need all the players." With the casualties such as Muniain and Raúl García, "the kids have turned their faces, Kenan is one of ours" .

The key in El Sadar was "to endure the onslaught of them, balls behind their backs, two very fast and quality points with Roberto Torres and Rubén García. That's why they had been winning so many games, here we have to suffer. We have known how to play when we could already suffer". The changes were due to "obligation". in reference to Raúl (García) and Oihan Sancet (tired). Here you have the feeling that the second will come often as against Valencia and Villarreal and the team has had the audacity to follow. "

On the debutant Sancet stressed that "we had already given him minutes before. He is a young boy. I have seen him well until he has lost sensational pass of the first goal, pass between the lines, has quality, desparpago, is a different player", although he warns that "he has to keep improving to be an Athletic player for all purposes" .

Dinner at txoko in Eibar with Asier Garitano, Arrasate and Mendilibar is a normal note: "We are friends, we have agreed a thousand times, by chance we are coaches of Basque teams and friends for many years. We talk more about other things that Soccer ".

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