Espanyol will break records this year: € 20 million in benefits

The club increases the turnover (89.43 million) and adds 28.15 million more capital gains for transfers, especially those of Borja Iglesias and Mario Hermoso.


The Espanyol of the 2019-20 season is in the relegation zone and the challenge of getting out of this situation in the 25 remaining days of LaLiga awaits him, but he has already broken a financial record. The club estimates the benefit of the 2019-20 season at 20.64 million euros, an amount that far exceeds the previous ones (1.83 last and around six million on 17-18 and 16-17) thanks to the increase in turnover and sales revenue of players, especially Borja Iglesias (28.1 million) and Mario Hermoso (12.5) .

The specialized portal Palco23 gives all the details. The total turnover of the club is 131 million, a figure that will be announced at the next General Meeting of Shareholders on December 10. If to this growth the capital increase will be added that will be approved in said Meeting and that will serve for Chen Yansheng to forgive 50 million of its debt. After completing this maneuver, the debt with the president will remain in just ten million and the financial one of the entity between 25 and 30. In just four years, Chen has repaired a Espanyol that was in collapse.

The turnover has risen in the last two campaigns from 73 million to 89 mainly due to several factors. According to Palco23, the Espanyol brand in Barcelona has helped him, as well as the presence of Wu Lei, which has increased some items such as marketing, whose revenues are now at 14.77 million, 37% more than the previous course. Merchandise sales also skyrocketed 19%. Also the television, after the seventh position of the equipment, will be shot 9.8% (64 million) after growing already 11% the previous season.

Revenue by members will rise by 800,000 euros, standing at 7.9, while for the European participation, the opening of new academies and for the events organized in the stadium the number of that game will grow by 14.1%: 13 , 5 million euros. The biggest drop is the sale of tickets, which falls 30.6 percent although this only means a loss of 1.1 million euros.

Again, the investment in the workforce is the one that consumes the most resources. If the previous campaign stood at 55.24 million euros, this year the payrolls grow by 20% and are placed at 66.3 million, which means having the most expensive workforce in history after high-wage marches such as Roberto Jiménez or Hernán Pérez.

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