Doncic: "I would never go to Barça, Real Madrid is my family"

The Slovenian attended AS after his game in New York: "I understand the welcome to Mirotic. He not only played in Madrid, it is that Madrid raised him."


In the bowels of the old Madison Square Garden, sixth floor, where he signed the triple double number thirteen of his career (33 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds), but again without a prize against the Knicks (two defeats for the Mavericks in two games in front of New Yorkers), Luka Doncic finishes dressing in the visiting locker room while Mark Cuban, owner of the franchise, passes by with the face of few friends. Doncic, jeans and white shirt, attends a group of media sitting, including AS (only Spanish), who kindly answers all questions in Spanish. "I'm glad that the fans in Spain follow me. I feel a little Spanish. I lived there for seven years. Thank you very much to all who follow me all the games at night. I thank you very much," begins Doncic, who also says that The Euroleague Classic was following for a while. "I saw the second part. I woke up a little before nap to see it ... I always want Madrid to win and I think they deserved it."

The Slovenian, who starred in one of the anecdotes of the night when at the beginning of the game Spike Lee, in a joking plan, denied him a ball in the band to take a quick throw before hitting his hand with the former player, was aware of the reception to Nikola Mirotic in the WiZink Center. And by his words, it can be said that he understood the hostility with the new Barça player: "I think he knows it. It is normal that he has that, everything that has been created in Madrid. He has not only played in Madrid, it is that the Real Madrid raised him. " Asked if he would ever take that airlift to play for Barça, he was blunt: "I never would, never. Madrid is my family."

He wants to be in the playoffs ... and in the Pre-Olympic

Doncic, by the way, denied the information that revealed that he had significantly lost his weight: "I don't know where he came out, but I haven't lost eight or nine kilos. I've just done a careful job. of my body that has helped me a lot. " Self-critical despite his 33 points ("I played badly, especially in defense"), he was laconic when he talked about his goals for the season. Nothing to go to the All-Star or be in one of the ideal quintets of the course, but much more concrete and collective: "The goal I have is to be in the playoffs with the Mavericks."

The base also confirmed that he will be with Slovenia in the Pre-Olympic Championship, where the last four qualifiers for the Olympic Games will come out: "Yes, yes. I will play safe so hopefully we qualify." Finally, and asked why he missed Madrid, a city so different from Dallas, he replied: "Everything, especially my teammates." That said, one of the Mavericks press officers closed the question time and Doncic got lost in the back of the Garden's visiting wardrobe while other teammates, such as the giant Marjanovic (2.24), continued attending to the media and Kristaps Porzingis gave an impromptu press conference after playing for the first time before his former team in the Big Apple. "It has been hard for him, but he has had a very professional behavior, as he is," summarized Doncic, number 77 of the Mavericks.

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