Doncic in MVP mode beats Harden's game in Houston

Slovenian huge party, which continues to oppose the MVP (41 + 6 + 10). Harden, who touched the triple-double (32 + 9 + 11), did not avoid the third loss followed by Houston.

It is difficult to find new qualifiers to describe what Luka Doncic is doing in the NBA. At 20, and with only one season and one month of experience in the most elite league in the world, the Slovenian continues to show off his great talent. Not only with your numerical records, but also, with the ease you have to improve the players that orbit around you. This Sunday in front of him had a complicated date: the Mavs visited some Rockets, who despite having fallen in their last two clashes (Nuggets and Clippers), returned to their fief, the Toyota Center, where they accumulated six victories and only one defeat in this course. As a great incentive, this Texan derby brought face to face of two of the great opponents of the MVP. But the pupil ate the teacher.

And he did it from the beginning of a match in which the Rockets did not exist in defense. The clash began with two silly losses of Westbrook and Harden, and a partial 0-7 in a minute. The Rockets, who never knew what it was like to be above the scoreboard, succumbed to the intensity of the Mavericks: Porzingis ate from the entrance to Capela and Doncic did all-terrain work to encumb his team, which was all in attack . Westbrook became invisible behind (-23 with him on track in 8 minutes) and Harden paddled to cover the shame of a team that went to the first stop with seven losses (of his eleven totals) and an alarming 29-45 against.

Already in the second round, Mike D'Antoni's pupils cut that bleeding back but were not able to reduce the tremendous gap that separated them from the Mavs. Tim Hardaway Jr became the team's stiletto in those moments, matching his best scoring mark of the course to rest (19 points). Next to him, Rick Carlisle's rotations stood out, capable of maintaining the level and rhythm of the game at all times, overshadowing the refreshment men of the Rockets: at the break the benches had contributed 2-20. Such was the difference that Harden and Westbrook soon came to the scene to mitigate the damage to the break, but in front they had a Doncic who was back to throw the team on his back, reaching the equator with 17 points and 6 assists. (60-78) .

By then Harden only surpassed him by four points although with a poor 1 of 8 from triple (he finished with 2 of 15). However, in the absence of a guy from afar, the escort displayed his game indoors, looking for rival contacts in suspension or unloading abroad so that his teammates bombed the hoop. He associated well with Capela, House and a Westbrook come to more in attack. It was also noted, and much, the intensity of defense imposed by PJ Tucker, leaving the Rockets alive before the final quarter (95-105). That 10-point difference was halved in just over three minutes (105-110) .

... but then Doncic

Y reappeared with the Toyota Center coming up and the Rockets touching the equality emerged the figure of Luka Doncic. He had then 18 points and 8 passes, until he decided to ally with Porzingis to stretch the accordion again, on track a partial lapidary of 4-18 in less than five minutes (from 109-114 to 113-132). Of those 18 points, Doncic added 11 in the form of a basket, two 2 + 1 and a triple, also providing two assists to close an exhibition before a muted pavilion and some Rockets that remain mired in a small pothole (three defeats in a row). From him they will seek to leave next Thursday against the Heat. They will play at home and repeat three days later against the Hawks.

For their part, and before traveling to Phoenix and Los Angeles, the Mavericks return home to receive the Clippers, one of the great contenders for the ring, on Wednesday. There will be Leonard and George, two great stars who will test, once again, the talent and determination of a 20-year-old who continues to oppose the best player of the season.

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