Doncic and Porzingis grease the machine and win the champion

The two Mavs Europeans had a bad day at the shot, but they were the leaders of their team. As a couple they worked and beat a brand.

Worthy event of the Fourth Millennium. How can two players be the best in a match by each making a bad individual performance? Doncic went to 26 + 15 + 7, but achieving fifteen of those points from the free kick and losing the ball seven times. Porzingis achieved a good 20 + 15, but thirteen of his twenty pitches failed.

Some games have passed since Porzingis has started to play and it is clear that the evolution is already positive. It will be slow, but positive. He will not be asked to be the support, it seems that Doncic is the one who points to it, and perhaps that will also help him gain the confidence he had in New York before his serious injury. The connection between the two begins to work. A fact that leaves this game: they are the first unborn couple in the United States that manages, separately, 20 points and 15 rebounds in an NBA match. But, what was said: numbers are not everything ...

Raptors, for their part, begin to take their toll on injuries. They are on tour and without Lowry and Ibaka. They endured the first attacks, but have lost two of three. The West is making a dent in the legs of the champions.

Black and white for both teams as soon as they enter the game. The visitors opened with a partial 3-10, but Doncic got to it and led a 15-0 in favor of the locals who put things in place. The only field goal scored by Marc Gasol in this match would serve to break that Mavs' streak and stabilize things. Maxi Kleber moved everywhere and drove the Spanish pivot a little crazy, who clearly did not have his day. Texans got ahead and already with advantages close to ten points, but it would not last long.

The second quarter was all red. Delon Wright and Tim Hardaway tried to be sharp through the center of the area, go diagonally and thus be able to open more spaces, but did not do as much damage as they thought. On track were Doncic and Porzingis and productivity was resisting. Matt Thomas, former Valencia and Obradoiro, came into play and what came to him were the shots, very dangerous knowing how good his mechanics are. The exACB would be joined by Norman Powell. The two Raptors escorts opened a path for the Mavericks and began to draw blood. Not only had they reached their height, they were on the scoreboard: at rest, 53-60.

The two European stars of the Mavericks had to be more intoned. They did it in the third period, which was the important one to get the final advantage. It was danced to the rhythm of Doncic and played for Porzingis, a luck that must be given often if Rick Carlisle wants to improve. That good tune despite the fact that the ruling was widespread (both would end with 12/34 in shots) opened the meat to the Raptors, who began to lose patience in defense to see that they could not contain the flow of passes from the attacks Dallas static. Key were also Wright, former Raptors, and Finney-Smith, little supported by numbers but doing a good dirty job. Pascal Siakam, for the defense of DFS, could not find the answer that his coach asked him and would also sign a very poor shooting box: 6 of 24. The locals had already taken too much advantage, it was unrecoverable for Canadians despite constant efforts Norman Powell, the best with 26 points in 32 minutes. Toronto left without taking anything from the American Airlines Center: 110-102.


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