Davis Cup in Madrid: transportation, how to get there and parking at the Caja Mágica

We tell you how to go by subway, bus, car and private transport in general to the Magic Box, as well as parking options to see the Davis Cup matches


The capital of Spain, Madrid, is home to the 2019 Davis Cup held between November 18 and 24. The event in which the best players from 18 countries participate to win the Salad Bowl will take place at La Caja Mágica, the multi-purpose stadium that is located in the Usera district and has a Central Court and two additional stadiums. Those who attend the event, have different options to attend this venue.

Follow the last hour of the Davis Cup live and direct, with the results of the matches of the day.

What is the address of the Caja Mágica enclosure?

The Caja Mágica is located in the San Fermín neighborhood (Usera), on Camino de Perales street, 23, and is connected by public transport by Metro and Cercanías, as well as buses of the EMT. The enclosure has two entrances. The first, located on Camino de Perales, is the main one. The second, located on Ambassadors Street, will serve in this Davis Cup for attendees who have left their vehicle in the public car park as well as those who use the special bus service (Line 180) .

The Madrid City Council has designed a Mobility Plan to deal with the arrival of more than 116.00 attendees at the event this week. This strategy has been developed in collaboration with the Regional Transport Consortium and the Municipal Police.

Public transport to get to La Caja Mágica How to get by Metro and Cercanías to La Caja Mágica

The San Fermín-Orcasur stop on Line 3 of the Madrid Metro is 1 kilometer (about 13 minutes on foot) from the stadium. Metro Line 6 is also nearby. During the days of the event, this line will have a higher frequency. In addition, in Cercanías, the nearest stations are Orcasitas and Doce de Octubre (Line C-5) .

How to get by bus to La Caja Mágica

To go to La Caja Mágica there are different bus lines, and even a special one, the 180, enabled for when games are played in that venue.

Line 180. Legazpi - Magic Box. The line will serve from one hour before the start of the event and will end one hour after its end, with an estimated time of its journey of 5-10 minutes, without intermediate stops. Line 23. Plaza Mayor - El Espinillo Line 78. Roundabout Ambassadors - Barrio de San Fermín Line 123. Plaza de Legazpi-Villaverde Bajo Line N12 (night). Cibeles - Butarque

In addition, there are several intercity lines that stop at Avenida de Andalucía, next to the San Fermín-Orcasur metro station. These stations are:

Line 411 (Perales del Río) Line 421 (Pinto) Line 422 (Valdemoro) Line 424 (Valdemoro) Line 447 (Getafe) Line 448 (Getafe) How to arrive by taxi to the Magic Box

usual stop of the Camino de Perales, next to the Magic Box. In addition, other passenger collection points will be enabled by the taxi service at the exits of the enclosure, on Embajadores Street and on the Perales Road.

How to get there by bike

The Magic Box can be reached by bicycle through the Manzanares Park, where the Cyclist Green Ring and the Manzanares Park lane run, very close to the access to the Magic Box. In addition, there are several bicycle parking lots near the enclosure.

Private transportation and parking

The Madrid City Council recommends going to the Davis Cup on public transport. However, it is possible to go by private transport. From the M-30, through the exit of Embajadores street, and the M-40, in both directions, you can access the Magic Box with your own vehicle.

The Caja Mágica de Madrid has a public parking lot with more than 1,000 parking spaces, whose use, in general, is subject to the payment of a fee on the days of the event. 5% of the parking spaces are intended for people with reduced mobility

Traffic cuts in Madrid for the Davis Cup

The municipal council provides for various traffic cuts in order to "preserve the mobility and safety of both attendees at the Madrid Caja Mágica stadium and other public road users"

Corindón Street-Oligisto Street Corindón Street-Perales Street Torrox Street Periana Street Corindón Street Periana Street Adora Street Perales Road Perales Road Fueros Avenue Adora Street Torrox Street Corindón Street Rutilo Street-Mountain Street-Periana Street.Cut of the Camino de Perales on the facade and in the area of influence of the stadium.

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