Carmelo, injuries and defeats: this is the Trail Blazers after the break with Pau Gasol

The panorama of the Blazers after the last events is uncertain. The conference finalists are now the last to last of the West.

Trail Blazers are getting the seven evils. The bad streak in which they are plunged and the instability in the workforce increase and the position of power in which they were after what was done last season makes them even more vulnerable. The finalists of the Western Conference last May are a cartoon at the beginning of 2019/20 and its Dynamic duo of great stars, Lillard and McCollum, is being unable to reverse it.

Pau Gasol's discharge is the last planning failure they are facing. The Spaniard has tried to recover from a navicular fracture due to stress on his left foot, but the recovery is going to lengthen and the franchise has preferred to use his position to fill it with other players that he can contribute at the moment. The player confirmed that he had already discussed this possibility with the team, which can be made somewhat incomprehensible to the fans who were signed seeing that they were one of the most reliable candidates.

Very bad start, much to change

Oregon people have seen a one-eyed man at this start of the season, like many other teams. And in that position, the interior. They came to play a game in which the only healthy center they had was the Haitian Skal Labissiere. Hassan Whiteside is the reference and does not convince at all, in summer they lost Meyers Leonard and Jusuf Nurkic continues to recover from his serious injury, Zach Collins has also been injured and they no longer have Moe Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu, who could go to '4' if necessary.

Now it is Carmelo Anthony who has shaken the template. His arrival, also to play power forward if we take his debut with the team as a reference, will make the dynamics change and that some aspects of the Stotts game have to adapt to him and not vice versa. Melo has been without playing in the NBA and is lacking in both the pace of competition and adaptation to a team that maintains a more or less fixed structure for a few years. With him it will be a matter of waiting, but they are in Portland for little immobility: 5-10 of balance and antepenultimate of the West.

The two stars also have their share of responsibility. Lillard is playing more minutes than ever, more than 38, and is taking its toll: in the last streak (three lost games of four disputed) has lowered the score (averages 28.6 but only 17.8 in these) and It has been placed in a 28% success in shots in addition to going through back problems. McCollum is also his best point averages (21.3), but he throws more and fails more than ever from outside the goal as well as worsening his total throws. In short, they pull the car but they are not as reliable as in recent years ... And they don't have much help. Anfernee Simons is the positive surprise of the team acting as a substitute, it brings what other offensive players like Hood, Hezonja or Bazemore fail to offer.

Aspects that dominated have become a nuisance. They are an individualist team, the worst in the NBA in assists (ratio of 13.6, compared with losses of 1.2 and a percentage of 45.9%), which fights badly for rebounds (leaves 49.2 per game to its rival, the worst data) and leaves second chances (16.3 points, the worst data), the one that takes less advantage of the mistakes of the opponent (14.1 points after loss of the opponent) and the one that has to pull the most clear (54 , 1 goal without a basket pass). It is only some data that support structure failures to what they have to put and if they do not want the train to escape. And Pau Gasol, to wait for what comes next.

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