Butler: "In the 76ers not everyone worked hard to win"

Butler is sorry that his stage in the 76ers did not end with a Ring and drops the work of his teammates as a reason.


Jimmy Butler has not yet left his stage in the 76ers, which started and ended last season. The forward, now in Miami Heat, wanted to be transferred in his last year of contract because he did not feel fully supported - especially by the partners - in the Timberwolves, where Thibodeau had claimed him in his day to lead the project.

The Sixers formed a luxury lineup in 2019/20, with options for everything with Tobias Harris, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler himself in the quintet. However, Toronto Raptors champions eventually got them out of the playoffs in the last second of the seventh game of the conference semifinals.

Butler, to questions from Vince Goodwill (Yahoo), is sincere. When asked if everyone on the team worked really hard when they saw such an opportunity to win the Ring, Jimmy's response is negative: "No. But not everyone does, not everyone works that way. And I have learned over the years. Is there something wrong? No. Does everyone play to win the championship? Money, houses, cars, fame ... There are many other things that people can play for this. " And he says that "it hurts" to have been so close: "The stars have to be allied. There are many things that count to win a Ring: that you are healthy, that the shots come in ... And, when you are close, it hurts more lose. " He emphasizes that "that simply did not work, but for me it was a good opportunity."

From his arrival at the Heat, Pat Riley stands out: "It's like me and I like that. It goes straight, it speaks to you frankly and you see clearly what stick it is about. And the organization is the same, they let me be the way I am."

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