Binder, victory and runner-up; Álex Márquez went to the ground

Brad Binder has been proclaimed runner-up in the Moto2 world after achieving a brilliant victory in which with a good strategy he let Thomas Luthi wear.

Brad Binder and Thomas Luthi were to be the main protagonists in their fight for the world runner-up and did not disappoint the expectations because from the beginning they became protagonists of the Moto2 race, as well as an Alex Márquez who after some discreet training in the that was fifteenth was conjured to try to amend that situation and the truth is that he did it effectively and quickly, until a fall in the thirteenth round brought him to the last positions.

Alex Márquez left the fifteenth and reached the fifth place, without many possibilities to overcome more positions, because the head quartet had distanced itself enough and the nine laps he lost the race did not give time for large "crushed" .

Navarro, the "poleman", was not too successful to turn off the traffic light and was overcome by the brilliant departure of Jorge Martín, after whom veterans were placed in these situations such as Thomas Luthi and Brad Binder, all of them aware that when the race for the incidents of Moto3, left them with much less recovery and reaction time in case of making a mistake or having problems and the runner-up was at stake.

At a fast lap pace, in the second turn Luthi and Binder took action to lead the race and start shooting to try to break the group, while from behind, from the fifth line, the world champion and in the mouth of all for his more than probable step to MotoGP, Alex Márquez, was right to release the clutch at the start and in just a couple of laps he was already in seventh place, after the wake of his own teammate, Xavier Vierge, who had left eleventh.

A new fast lap of Luthi in the fifth turn finally broke the race in front of it, where the Swiss, the South African and a little behind Jorge Navarro, with a second group headed by Stefano Manzi in which Martin were , Vierge and Márquez, in addition to Augusto Fernández and Luca Marini, but also with Fabio di Giannantonio or Sam Lowes, always complicated pilots in the melee.

Alex Márquez, from behind, was already in the lead of the chasing group, fifth, but his upward pace was truncated in the eleventh turn of the thirteenth lap when rolling on the ground, although Cervera tried to quickly recover his motorcycle to continue racing from the last position

In the lead, Brad Binder went on the attack less than two laps to go and beat Luthi, despite the strong pace of the Swiss, who achieved the fast lap of the race and a new record of the category, but was at play in the runner-up World Cup and the South African did not want to give it to his opponent on a plate.

Binder beat Luthi, slightly increased his pace and sentenced the race with some solvency, while Luthi had to do with an aggressive Manzi who first bent Navarro and then tried to do the same with him, but his excess of fierceness He returned to the fourth place where he finished, after the Spanish. Jorge Martín was fifth, with Augusto Fernández sixth and Xavier Vierge after him, and Alex Márquez closed the classification in the thirtieth place.

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