Betis asks CPGJ that Ángeles Carmona apologize

The president of the Observatory against Gender Violence said her mother told her that the "Betics beat their women when they lost."


Betis sent a protest letter to Carlos Lesmes, president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) on Thursday, to show his disagreement with the statements made a few days ago by Ángeles Carmona, president of the Observatory against Gender Violence of this organization , which has not apologized after them. The letter is signed by the maximum Verdiblanco president, Ángel Haro.

"My mother, who was studying at a college of nuns, said that when she lost Betis they had to pray for the women of the Betics; the men came to their homes to beat them out of frustration," said Angeles Carmona, which she has sown outrage among Betis fans in recent days

The Thirteen Bar Club states that it has allowed a few days to pass since the statements were made to see if there was a correction and the apology. When none of the two things arrive, Betis intends to express his discomfort, while urging him to rectify what he considers a serious moral damage caused to the entity to his hobby.

This is the letter that plays ABC:

"Last weekend the newspapers of the Vocento group collected an interview with the president of the Observatory against Gender Violence of the CGPJ, Mrs. Angeles Carmona, in which she makes some very unfortunate statements about the fans of Real Betis Balompié, the club that honored me to preside. Expressly the fans of our centennial club are labeled as abusers. A question about the invisibility of gender violence statistics indicates that: "My mother, who studied a college of nuns, always told the anecdote that on Sundays, when Betis lost, they had to pray for the women of the Betics. They knew that men came to their homes to beat them out of frustration. "This is an intolerable statement and generalization that has caused the outrage of the fans and fans of Real Betis Balompié, with a special gravity when referring to our parents and our grandparents

Real Betis wanted to wait for a reasonable period of time awaiting a rectification or apology by Mrs. Carmona, a circumstance that has not yet occurred. In this way, we convey to you as the maximum representative of the CGPJ the discomfort and outrage of the Real Betis Balompié and the whole of his fondness for these manifestations. If it turns out to be unusual to stigmatize an entire hobby as abusers indiscriminately, the matter acquires the utmost seriousness when the disqualification comes from nothing less than from a member of the governing body of the Judiciary, to those who, due to the high responsibility they hold of assuming rigor prudence.

Therefore, we urge you to make a public rectification and apology after the serious damage caused to Real Betis Balompié and his fans ".

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