Belén García: "I have a great opportunity with the W Series"

The Catalan is 20 years old, studying telematic engineering, has been the best female driver of the F4 Spain and next year will play the W Series.

-Last April he won one of the three races of his first test of the F4 Spanish Championship in the Circuit of Los Arcos (Navarra), what feeling do you have when you win the first race and is the first female driver who wins male drivers in an FIA test in Europe?

-It is something incredible, and more because it came to a race for the first time. I didn't believe it myself; It was something unique.

-Is it true that you also stand out in athletics, in pole vault?

-Sport is my life and competing is the most I like. I started at the age of six at Granollers Athletics Club and except for pitches I practiced almost every modality because I am passionate about athletics. From half bottom and jump speed, length ... and then I opted for the pole. I have the club record with a jump of 3.15 meters. (5th in the U20 Catalan Championship in 2018 and one of the 50 best Spanish U23 brands in the specialty) .

-That engine comes by family bond, right?

-For a lifetime, careers have been in my house. My father ran in enduro and with my mother they have a sports timing company, they are in the Resistance World Championship and in Formula E. I was always clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to something related to the motor since I have liked it since I was very young. The world of motor racing hooks you, but I would like to combine athletics and motors.

-And how did you get there?

-At nine years old I had my first kart and in 2015 I started competing in the Spanish karting championship and that's where everything comes from. Last year I ran in KZ2, the queen of karting modality, and in the senior category without going through junior, to finish absolute tenth and be this year running in Formula 4.

-It has been chosen among more than 40 applicants to compete in the W Series in 2020, an international championship exclusively for women. How was that?

-At the beginning of September we were in Almería 14 girls from ten nations for three days, performing circuit test morning and afternoon, and from there we chose six girls, two Spanish (the other is Nerea Martín), with a place for the W Series next year

-How many races are the W Series made of?

-There are a total of eight. There are already six confirmed in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Holland. We share circuit and date with the DTM. All participants have financial assistance to cover all expenses of the season

-Will she be the fourth youngest driver, isn't that a lot of pressure?

-The pressure is the same place where you compete and I always do it with the idea of being as high as possible. My goal is for people to notice me because I do things right.

-What does it mean to compete in the W Series?

-A great opportunity in racing, and I want to take it because my dream is to compete at a high level in the world of motorsport. As an initiative it is good to make women known and see that we have many possibilities.

-How many pilots will compete?

-It will be the second year of the championship and I think we will be eighteen or twenty, three Spanish. We will all have the same car, a Tatuus F3 T318 that provides Rethink Racing and we can only vary small things (stabilizer bar, spoiler ...)

-Is motoring ready for women to compete?

-I think so because I am convinced that we can compete on equal terms. There is a percentage issue because, historically, we have been very few women pilots and I think that now everyone is getting the batteries so that there is equality in all aspects.

-The F4 was a single-seater of 1400cc and 170cv and the F3 has 1800cc and 270cv, how will it adapt to it?

-I already tried it in the selection of Almeria and it seemed to me that there is not so much difference between one and the other because it is a very heavy car and the extra power with respect to the F4 is not noticeable. It shows on the issue of brakes or aerodynamics and nothing else, I'm not afraid of anything.

-Do you have a reference in sports and F1?

-I've always noticed Michael Schumacher, but every pilot has his qualities. I love the passion that Márquez conveys, Schumacher's work and the way to raise Ricciardo's careers.

-How do you rate your current season?

-For me it has been a gift. The mere fact of being competing in Formula 4 has surpassed everything I expected and having a place in the W Series and having been able to enjoy in the Motorsport Games and having results in the F4 has been a great addition. I think everything is going pretty well.

-What only run female drivers favors them?

-Well, it's a promotion. In the end, the more riders they roll, the more kilometers they make and more, the more they can continue to get to compete with male drivers. The goal is not only to run against us, but to continue advancing in motor racing.

-Would you like to get to F1?

-Of course, but the main objective is to be able to continue in the motosport because it is difficult to stay in it. I don't care about the category, what I'm looking for is a future, whether in F1, in DTM or whatever.

-What did it mean to be sixth in the FIA Motorsport Games?

-It must be taken into account that they are like the Olympic Games of the motor. I had never been to the circuit of Vallelunga (Italy) and I was selected by the Spanish Federation and I was sixth. F4 was the only girl

-Do you plan to continue professionally as a racing driver?

-The goal is always to keep running. In the end in this sport it is difficult to stay on the map since there are many factors involved. If I cannot do more, I will continue studying and with the pole or with another sport.

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