Barn: "We have all the responsibility of the world, but no pressure"

Many have qualified this weekend's game against Getafe as a final but, from the mouth of Barn, that word did not come out yesterday.

If the word responsibility, which repeated it on several occasions, and which sums up perfectly the feeling of the costumes: "The important thing is not how we catalog the match against Getafe. The team's commitment is undoubted, the strongest union and parakeet pride has than being there. We don't have a negative pressure, but a lot of responsibility. All of the world, "he said. He was asked in fact to summarize in the title of a book the situation of the team before the game, and he versioned the title of 'Knowing to lose' by David Trueba. He changed it for knowing how to win.

But in order to win Getafe, Espanyol must play a good game, since Madrid has long been a strong team in LaLiga:

"We are still working on the line of the last matches. In my opinion, we have fewer points than we deserve. To a lesser extent, we also prepare the aspects that will condition us this weekend. Getafe has specific characteristics that we have worked on ". Finally Barn also cleared the doubt about whether the team prefers to play at home (where it has not yet won) or outside: "I wish we could play every game at home. We do not feel like a slab, but as a responsibility. It hurts not to have won at home because it hurts our people. We are always asking people to come to the stadium, to cheer and we must reciprocate them. And the way is to win the matches, "he finished.

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