Barça wins a brave Betis in the triple game

The Pesic team won a Betis who never threw in the towel in a match marked by the outside success in which he matched the record of triples in the ACB with 36.

AVANCE | Barça wins Betis in Seville in a record game that was not decided until the last minutes. The Andalusians started with an unfavorable partial of 0-12, but quickly recovered and were in the match until the last moments, where the greatest Auzlgrana success declined the balance. The triple record in the Endesa League was equalized with 36, 18 per team and that was about to beat if Slaughter had pulled a little further back on the horn in a basket that was no longer worth anything but that could have meant a new brand

This is how we live Real Betis - Barcelona

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