Barça dig up the soap opera Neymar

Abidal already admits that it is again an option and from the club they assume that they will talk about the signing of the Brazilian in the coming months.


Something must have been pending in the Neymar affair this summer. Eric Abidal admitted this Sunday at Mundo Deportivo y Sport that the Brazilian "will always be an option". And in Barça they recognize off the record months ago that the soap opera Neymar was not over. The unknown was when he was going to dig up. Abidal has done it soon, even if the end of the season is far away. But his words sound relevant. It seems difficult to think that with the crack that opened the possible return of the Brazilian last summer, Abidal reopens it for free. It generates, again, an expectation. Even right to the theory that maintains that this summer what Barça left ready was his return to July 2020. From the Barca club they deny that there is an agreement with the player or the PSG, but Neymar's is a case open

The subject is recurring. Last week I had been leaving pebbles along the way. Neymar spent the weekend before the selection stop in Barcelona and Piqué admitted during his interview tour to sell the Davis Cup that the players had offered to postpone their salaries this summer to meet the financial fair play and thus allow the signing of exazulgrana. But surely the one who best reflected on the matter was Messi. First, because of the background ("I think he regretted leaving Barça"), because of his desire ("he wanted Ney to come"), because of the social problems of his signing ("I understand that Ney was looked at by the way he he left, for leaving us at that time and that there were partners who did not want him to come ") and for the future (" because of what the president said, the door is open. Everything can happen ").

Facing those who theorize about a closed agreement between Barça and Neymar are the deniers. This current maintains that Bartomeu only got into the background in the possible signing of the Brazilian when he feared his departure to Madrid, and that if Madrid is deactivated from that equation, he will not go for Neymar. Rodrygo's appearance at the Bernabéu can definitely deter Florentino. But, without a doubt, Neymar's story is full of half truths.

The player, meanwhile, is in a discreet background this season. It is true that he never made a conclusive statement, but he did ensure that in every corner of the world they knew that his dream was to return to Barcelona. The season began in an irrespirable environment, with the ultras suffocating him in Paris, but making goals and giving up what he is, a crack, on the pitch. An injury, however, left him again in the dry dock and gave the reason to those voices that within the club called attention to the growing propensity for Brazilian injuries. Neymar could remain in that low profile during the course, try to help achieve PSG sports successes and, at the time, ask for a friendly exit to the PSG instead of resorting to a FIFA arbitration to set a price for the transfer. Finish or not in something, the story of Neymar and Barça still has a journey.

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