Banega demolishes the fort of Zorrilla at the second chance

Sevilla defeated Real Valladolid (0-1) thanks to a goal from Banega, a penalty, which required two pitches to hit, while the pucelanos had little creativity and little gunpowder.

Fell Zorrilla. Sevilla was the first opponent to win in Valladolid this season after six games at the Casa Pucelana. Ever Banega with a penalty, which he had the opportunity to repeat after seeing how Masip stopped the first pitch, scored the final goal in the first half. Only Sandro was able to draw on a pitch to the crossbar.

The truth is that he didn't need to create too much danger for Sevilla to get ahead of the game. If the first minutes were from the local side, a mistake by Moyano that hit Nolito for being late, caused a penalty that Banega converted to the second, since the first Masip stopped, but the VAR was 'chivó' that the Catalan He had come forward. The home team, which began losing at home for the first time this season, accused the coup and had a hard time returning to the game. Míchel did not participate because the trivote of Seville prevented him from creating. When the pucelanos sang, they tried for the bands. Nacho entered well on the left and Hervías, the best of the Pucelanos, on the right, but with little danger. Only Sandro had a very clear chance when he stirred inside the area and, at half-turn, sent the ball to the crossbar to Vaclik's surprise. In the opposite goal, another dismissal of Moyano caused the entry of Nolito who was left alone before Masip, but when the striker tried to chop the ball over the goalkeeper he was wrong and crashed it on the opposite just before the break.

In the second part, Real Valladolid wanted to squeeze, but lacked arguments to create danger. And when he generated plays, he had no gunpowder. Hervías tried the ball, but did not surprise Vaclik. Sevilla clenched his teeth and stopped the game a lot with fouls, twice as many whites, which was not stopped by Prieto Iglesias. Nolito could sentence, after taking advantage of a ball combed by Jordan, but his shot went up. The pucelanos tightened and tried to put the Andalusians in their area, but the centers were always rejected by the sevillista defensive line. Only Guardiola entered the area and stood alone against Vaclik, but in the last control the ball went and he could not finish. They pushed the Valladolid, hung balls, but had no options to finish in a final game that was warming up to end the expulsion of Ocampos, in battle with Nacho the entire game.

In this way, Sevilla is placed third and Valladolid sees how the distance with the descent is reduced to five points

Sergio González: "The team must have a high head"

Real Valladolid coach Sergio González made it clear that the team must have "a high head", despite having lost to Sevilla "because it has been known to compete against a large team "and, in this regard, considered that his team" deserved more ", so it was seen in the field.

"It has competed well against a very powerful opponent, which handles many records, which has physically strong and complete players, skilled and with a personality and breadth at the time of playing that makes it very difficult to face him," he added.

In his opinion, this shock "was an important test" in which they have "been at the level", although "the result makes everything that has been worked on to the background" and "although you can ask for something more than hit ", was" happy "with the game deployed by the template.

"We have to learn, correct and leave with the peace of mind of the work done," added the Catalan coach, who acknowledged that "the rules are to meet them" and, on the penalty, it was seen that Masip was off the line, with what that the repetition of it was correct.

The only thing he complained about is that "the collegiate granted little discount time on both sides", but otherwise he did not pay any attention to the performance of the collegiate "because the images also reflected that there was a penalty" .

"We had a shot at the post by Sandro, we had several corner kicks, and we created occasions, so it was a close and competitive match, in which we rushed in the first half and were more comfortable in the second, before an opponent whose talent needs to be recognized, "he concluded.

Lopetegui: "Each match is a battle"

Balance: "It was a match that we had to compete. We lacked peace of mind and we were in a hurry. The match required pause, we had it at the end and that's why we won. They didn't create us. clear occasions and we did have them ".

Rival: "Valladolid is a well-prepared team, with very well chosen players for what they are looking for but we knew how to compete. They are a team that had not lost at home yet and took us to the limit" .

Best visitor: "It's hard to win everywhere. Every game is a battle and you have to keep preparing knowing that we have to improve things yet."

Navas: "It may be a scare, in the dressing room I had good feelings" .

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