Atlético presented its new sponsor for four years

Ria Money Transfer will appear on the back of the first men's and women's teams for the next four years in national competitions.

Atlético presented its new official sponsor, the Ria Money Transfer financial platform, at Wanda Metrolitano, which will accompany the men's and women's teams' equipment on the lower back. The event was attended by the rojiblanco president Enrique Cerezo along with the players of the first male team Thomas and Héctor Herrera and the female captain Amanda Sampedro and Silvia Meseguer. Cerezo was the first to take the floor, thanking José Cabral as a representative of the Ria Money Transfer company. “We are very proud to present the agreement for the next four years. The image will look on the bottom of the shirt of the first Atlético teams in national competitions and we position ourselves next to the leading transfer transport company ”.

Jose Cabral, CEO of Ria Money Transfer, also valued the agreement. “Never stop believing we told each other at the beginning. Six years ago we already imagined this, why not sponsor Atlético de Madrid. As an amateur it was not objective, but we have achieved it. What defines us is to be present in more than 160 countries and we have achieved it thanks to having people who share values with Atlético: humility, work and heart. Thus we have managed to reach this level. We have seen the infrastructures of Atlético that are fantastic, but what we liked the most is that the people who work here are authentic. That made Ria and Atlético come together, two entities that look alike have to come together. We are happy to put red and white in our offices, it is the beginning of a long history. We have to make this sponsorship bear fruit and surely we will all be very happy. ” After this Enrique Cerezo, José Cabral and the players Herrera, Thomas, Amanda and Meseguer posed with the new rojiblancas t-shirts that will wear a new sponsorship for the next four campaigns.

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