Atlético de Simeone lacks courage

The team only attacks when it is with water on its neck. He returned to give the first time in Leverkusen and went for the opponent very late.

Another disastrous first half of Atlético. Simeone was not able to counteract the combinatorial football of Bayer Leverkusen, which this time had a 1-4-4-2 and did not play with three centrals. The Cholo moved his pieces at least three times during the first half trying to recover the ball that was always Leverkusen. It started with 1-4-4-2 (Oblak; Arias, Felipe, Hermoso, Lodi; Correa, Thomas, Koke, Saúl; Morata and Costa), but after five minutes he modified the drawing by putting a rhombus in the center of the field , placing Correa behind the two points in a 1-4-3-1-2, with Koke and Saul inside and Thomas at the defensive vertex of the rhombus.

Without pressing. That rhombus seemed thought to go to pressure Leverkusen, but it was a mirage because Atlético did not advance lines and Leverkusen still retained the ball that relatively easy and having control of the game. Nor did the German team create many occasions (Atlético stepped on the area for the first time in the 18th minute) but it was besieging the Madrid team. When the score indicated a 7-0 in corners, came the unfortunate goal in Thomas's own goal. By then, Simeone had returned to 1-4-4-2 putting Saul in the middle with Thomas and Correa on the right wing and Koke on the left wing (Oblak; Arias, Felipe, Hermoso, Lodi; Correa, Thomas, Saúl, Koke ; Morata and Costa). These changes of position of Saul and Koke do not usually have many effects, it is more, when Koke plays in band the Athletic one does not usually play well. He has done it precisely at his best level when he has put him in the middle like in Moscow or in Mallorca.

Defensive mistakes. The Cholo finally advanced lines after the break and took Lemar through Lodi in the 51st minute. Saul passed to the left back and continued with 1-4-4-2 this time with Koke in the middle with Thomas (Oblak; Arias, Felipe, Hermoso, Saúl; Correa, Koke, Thomas, Lemar; Morata and Costa). As soon as he left Lemar came 2-0 in a center from the right, an error in the clearance of Hermoso and Felipe's mark that allowed Volland to control and finish off in the goal area. Atlético de Simeone is a team that lives to take advantage of the adversary's failures, but this time it was the adversary, the Leverkusen who took advantage of his mistakes.

No game pattern. In the 60th minute, with everything uphill he decided to put Vitolo. Qutió to Costa and put Correa forward and the canary on the right wing. And in those minutes the Atleti created three occasions. In 70 he decided to remove another striker (Correa) and put a midfield (Herrera) past Vitolo as a striker next to Morata. The team ended up like this: Oblak; Arias, Felipe, Hermoso, Saúl; Koke, Herrera, Thomas, Lemar; Vitolo and Morata. Atletico sought the tie boldly, but had no success until Morata shortened distances in the 93rd minute. Koke changed position five times, four times Saul and four other Correa. Those movements had no effect. More than changes in position or drawing, what the team needs is a game pattern and train how they want to play. And work the offensive phase at least as much as the defensive. What Atlético needs is bravery. What Atlético needs is to attack, which when it attacked almost tied the game.

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