Atletico begins to escape the league away from home

The Simeone team has won two games, lost one and tied four away from the Wanda Metropolitano. On 21 possible points, he scored 10.

Atlético reaped a new tie in the league championship and those of Simeone left two points in their visit to Granada. Atlético made merits to win, but finally could not get it. It is something that has been repeated in recent meetings and that can cost the Madrid team dearly. At Atlético, the League starts to escape due to meetings outside the Wanda Metropolitano. Of the seven games played this season at home, Atletico has only been able to win two, against Leganés and Mallorca. He has lost one, in front of the Royal Society. And he has drawn four. That is, over 21 possible points, those of Simeone have taken ten, less than half. It is not a baggage of a team that wants to take the title.

Atlético reaped four matches. He tied to zero in Valladolid and one against Alavés, Sevilla and Granada. In these match he has scored three goals and is a very poor figure for a team that wants to aspire to higher levels. It is true that he has not lost anything more than in San Sebastián, but the draws are not worth much.

Thus, Atlético is four points behind Barcelona and the Barça team has the game postponed against Real Madrid. Four points with the visit next weekend of the whole of Valverde to the Wanda Metropolitano. This meeting will be the first final of the season for the Madrid team in LaLiga.

In the Champions League, the out-of-home panorama is not very encouraging either. Atlético played and won in Moscow against Lokomotiv and lost in Leverkusen against Bayer. And on Tuesday he visits Juventus in a match in which the first place of the group must be decided. Atlético have to win if they want to stay ahead of the Italian team. With numbers in hand it seems complicated.

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