Anil Murthy closes ranks with club employees

The president has called a meal in Paterna for today with the majority of the club members, from workers with the first team to store employees.

Anil Murthy wants to close ranks. After several weeks where external and internal noise has shaken the entity and that Mateu Alemany has been definitively dismissed from the club, the president tries to keep the mood intact in all employees. For this reason, he has summoned a meal in the Sports City of Paterna to which practically all the members of the club are invited, not only those who have a direct relationship with the first team or the employees in Paterna.

Not surprisingly, even workers from the official club stores are invited to this rare event. The fact of celebrating this meal in a conjure way, exposes that the entity does not live internally for its best moment. The changes produced in the last days and the lack of clarity to explain the new project have generated certain doubts in the employees. Doubts that Anil Murthy wants to dissipate by concentrating almost the entire club.

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