Álex: "Marc carries the singing voice of the evolution of the Honda"

The current Moto2 champion has been a professor in the fifth edition of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp where Marc Márquez has been the most absent.

He has been the great absent in the circuit of Rufea (Lleida). Marc Márquez, operated just 48 hours ago at the Dexeus University Hospital of the Quironsalud Group of Barcelona of a subluxation on his right shoulder that he had been dragging since late October, has not been able to attend the fifth edition of the Allianz Junior Motor Camp and teach some lessons Off road, along with his brother Alex, 20 privileged children (17 boys and 3 girls) from different parts of Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. After the theoretical and practical classes of the new Repsol Honda rider, the Moto2 champion has talked about it and several other topics in a press conference where he has attended AS.

Honda 2020: "Marc Márquez and Cal Crutchlow are making the evolution. They are the ones who carry the singing voice because they have the most experience in the brand. I know that Honda is working in all aspects to improve every detail. They are not focused exclusively in the chassis or the engine, but in trying to offer its riders the best motorcycle. This year, on the side of the Honda engine it was not bad. Last year they took a step forward. But maybe on the side of the chassis, it was the aspect that Cal and Jorge Lorenzo most insisted should be improved. If you can get it to be a less critical motorcycle in the front, it would be perfect. But the Honda has this feature. "

Balance 2019: "The goal since the beginning of the year was to win the title. My purpose was to give the maximum. This year, after five years, for the first time I had a very close group of people. In the first three races we lacked details , but in Jerez we improved these aspects and since then the year has been very good. Then the pressure came in Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Jerez ... But I could fulfill my dream and hopefully I can feel that pressure again in the future. continue on Moto2, I had decided in the middle of the year, but Jorge Lorenzo's withdrawal came at once and on Sunday afternoon I learned everything. It was an opportunity I could not miss ".

Sensations with the 2019 Honda: "At the moment, everything is going well and we are on the right track. In Jerez I stayed at 1.4 seconds. Like everything in life, it is clear that when you are looking for more the limit, because you are discovering new things As it was seen in Valencia, the motorcycle is a bit critical in the front, but this is a characteristic of the motorcycle, then in Jerez, already with my team of engineers, the truth is that the sensations improved from the beginning. problems will be coming out, but for now my goal is to prepare well and go finding those limits that I have not yet found in these tests, but I have to admit that there were some curves that I found really well and even Marc told me. details ".

Objective 2020: "I have not considered a good season. For now we must go step by step. My goal now is to make the best possible preseason. And from here, I think there are many aspects to be polished. Both in Valencia and in Jerez, in some parts of the circuit it was going well, then there were other areas where it cost me a little more, because the Honda is a more critical tune with the front train where I need a bit more trustworthy. the global one, but for now, there are flashes, there are things that I adapted well to, maybe the confidence with the carbon brakes is the area where I can improve the most, but from Valencia to Jerez there was already a step and in Malaysia we will continue working in that, the demand in MotoGP is very high from the first to the last lap, but I feel prepared for the challenge, I felt prepared to take the leap, I am not worried, my goal is to adapt to the motorcycle and do the best pre-season Train more than ever. Give the maximum. I will not change much my physical preparation this winter, beyond changing the intensity of training to gain some muscle mass. Because of weight, Moto2 and MotoGP are very similar ":

Legado de Jorge Lorenzo: "I know that Jorge, as you all know, asked for many things to be more comfortable on the bike, but I have been using a very standard version to make everything I need clearer. Over time, I imagine that maybe there will be time to ask for something from Honda. In Valencia I expected to be in a worse position because the bike is very small and I felt very good ".

Marc Márquez: "I'm not worried about comparisons. In the end I will do my best from the start and try to do my best. In the end, we are teammates and telemetry will be shared, but like any Honda driver. In Jerez We don't share a car and now it has been operated… We haven't talked much. We have different objectives. If it is true that having a partner like Marc is true that the rivalry starts from the first minute. But I repeat that we have different objectives. I am rookie in the category, I have no experience in MotoGP ... As I told you, I will try to learn the most from him. From experience, the years where I have best performed is when there has been a lot of fellowship in the team. But the goal of the two is completely different. This is the reality "

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