Aguirre: "It doesn't fit in four days, but it does leave your skin"

The Mexican coach will debut in Anoeta as coach of Leganés: "We have to play as a team, so that the partner next door feels that your mistake hurts."

Javier Aguirre will debut tomorrow with Leganés playing an important game, but a final. The new Mexican technician of the pickles says that adding to the Real Sociedad is key because he is the next one, because he arrives before the break and because the green shoots he sees in the mood of his children need results to be ratified.

In another house brand appearance ("I told the players everything you can't imagine and can't publish"), the Basque has insisted on the need for Lega to play against the Txuri Urdin as a team, " Let the companion next to you feel that your mistake hurts. ”

Duel for which he will not be able to count on Silva, sanctioned, which has led to the great surprise of a list that he will not make known, but from which he has advanced that Kravets will travel, evicted with Pellegrino and Cembranos. “I take him to the bench by the loss of Jonathan Silva and happy because he was liquidated in some way. I mean by this he gave me everything in these four days. Imagine the illusion of that kid, as I have it and I would like to spread it to the rest of the team, ”Aguirre revealed.

What casualties does the team have?

Rivera fell, Jonathan Silva yellow and technical decision are left out Fede Varela and Sabin Merino

How do you face this match?

With the same illusion of two or three days ago. We understand the problem of the meeting, we know that football plays well, very dynamic. That is well managed for a long time, it is a good school of good players and it will be complicated. It will require us a lot

Odegaard will be a dangerous rival ...

I was not surprised because since Madrid signed it, we started to look at it. It draws attention for its youth and talent. He has a problem, a bone edema that has complicated him training all week. I would like to see him in the field because the good guys always have to be seen but from the outside I think he is a very interesting young man, very talented and with a great future.

Who is that player who represents what he wants from Leganés? The one that has caught your attention?

Good question. I have detected things in various players on and off the field. I am not going to answer it, forgive me, because my instinct tells me that I should not do it at this time so as not to hurt susceptibilities. A team like Leganés is today is very susceptible to this kind of thing, 'this one said, the other one, the coach prefers ...'. Let's leave it like this. I don't usually do it normally, I would tell you perfectly. It is clear that there are players. The only arrival of a new Mr. motivates, he has to do it. Today I can't highlight anyone because everyone is giving me in four days. For example, I take Vasyl Kravets to the bench by Jonathan Silva's loss and happy because he was liquidated in some way. I mean by this he gave me everything in these four days. I said: 'I don't want to talk about the past, the present is this, you're going to be there because I think you have conditions. For something the club signed you and you are at my disposal '. Imagine the illusion of that kid, as I have it and I would like to spread it to the rest of the team.

Do you cheer up for improvement

There is improvement, people laugh a little. Eye, all this must be strengthened with results, is the key. There is a good atmosphere, it is true. There is good working disposition, punctuality. In shape and in depth the team looks healthy, we go up every day. But tomorrow is the test and we have to corroborate. In four days you cannot make tactical adjustments, but you can leave your skin in the field. And that's what I ask, at least ninety minutes. If after the result comes frog ... home to work. But we will have to run a lot. We are looking forward to this moment, but we understand that changes in 48 hours ... the answer would be similar to what I gave in the presentation

What did you say to your players looking them in the eye to win tomorrow?

Of everything you cannot imagine and cannot be published. I have not kept anything, no correction, no harangue, no insult. Any. We can win tomorrow playing as a team, it is basic in football. Let the partner next to you feel that your mistake hurts, that he is with you to help. Play as such. There will be mistakes, individual technicians, collective tacticians. There are not several magic here, we face a great team and it is not preseason. It could be win. How? I don't know right now. We prepare something, we raise something and we will see tomorrow if it is reflected. There is also no time

Would you like the goals to be more distributed?

Of course you have to distribute the goals. You have to defend better and attack better, the numbers indicate. If you have lost nine of twelve, you have scored six goals and they have made you twenty one, something will be going through the players' heads. You cannot take responsibility for two of them to score. Here the collective idea is that we are all offensive starting with the goalkeeper and we all defend starting with the one who lost it. Only looking for that balance tasks will be distributed. Then in the end who culminates is the least. If we can distribute the goals, it would be ideal.

I already knew Iván Cuéllar and Rubén Pérez. How have they changed? Are they going to be important?

Yes, I think they will be important, they are. They are part of the quartet of captains, entry. They are people with specific weight in the dressing room and have evolved a lot. The Pichu with whom I spoke yesterday face to face is not the same one that I had to make debut more than ten years ago. Or Rubén Pérez, that little boy who went to La Coruña in exchange for Filipe Luis when I had already left. But I saw him with Koke, with De Gea, in the youth waging war. Today is a done and right man. He is annoyed because he cannot help from minute one. They are gentlemen, professionals like the cup of a pine. Good, bad and regular have passed. They know what this is about. I rely on them a little to get the x-ray and the diagnosis of the equipment because they are the ones I know. And the captains too, Álex and Bsutinza, people of ten.

Have you made accounts to leave the area below?

I have not made accounts. Ninety minutes for tomorrow and we see. You can't, you shouldn't. The accounts never come out. It is the same as with the yellow ones. That if Roque has four and Recio another four ... play and if it comes out, it comes out. You cannot be in that because the accounts never leave, neither the yellow ones, nor the red ones .... they have always gone wrong. We go ninety to ninety because if you don't put more pressure than there already is. If you think that in the next block of games you have to get at least ten points ... And if you get seven, it all went to hell? No, you are still there. Three by three and see at the end in May how many we got to have

Winning is more important for being the game before the day of selections?

Imagine well. Right now we cannot look at the classification because winning would continue last. But it gives you that mood injection. Those who go with the selection will be happier to go with their selection and those who stay will work with more joy. If you fight, train and lose you don't find congruence. The players understand that at this moment you have to close ranks, press and pull forward

Taking seventy-two hours here, what do you look more to face a match like this? In your game idea or what the team and the players have been doing?

Card from scratch in terms of the mood of the players and with the base that already existed. There was a previous job well done and you're not going to revolutionize and take out eleven kids, you're going to make four debut. You should'nt do it. You have to continue with the structure that is and gradually go touching things. Leave what is right and what I think can be improved, we must try to improve it

Is Arnáiz recoverable?

First I hit him with a good fight. Did you see the warning the other day? Don't bother me, what a gift. First I put it dry and then I talked to him. He is a recoverable player, if the word fits. Very interesting. I had lost it from my radar and it is very good, trained very well, very hungry. It is one of those that we add with that illusion. Okay, you can talk to him and you will see that he is eager to show the coach that he can play and contribute to this team.

How Mexican is it special to face a team like Real? He has opted for many players in his country.

It will always be special. Luis García was in his day, Carlos Vela, Diego Reyes too ... and they have not done it wrong. I spent four years in Pamplona, we had a good relationship between both institutions and there was a lot of information exchange. I have a special affection for him, but even there. They work well, they respect the quarry's work very much, which is plausible. But they are rivals, tomorrow you have to go for them and at the end of the game as friends as ever. Meanwhile this is a war. I know it's a word that doesn't have to be used but for us these three points are the topic. It is not a fine one but it is a very important match.

He said in an interview this week that he believes a priority is to recover foreigners. What did he mean?

I mean that this type of player that comes from outside, that comes to contribute and occupy a space that apparently you do not have at home, not that they are required more but that they raise their level. It is not that I do my thing and others do their thing. Is that you get involved in the team, that the costumes feel like one more. In this there are no nationalities, no matter the passport. Here we are all from Leganés and we all go there, whoever you are, call yourself whatever your name is and talk how you speak. If I said it, it is because I perceived that some of them are more muted, we have to lift our morale and demand more. Let them raise their level and show why they are here.

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