Absolute priority: cheer up Dembélé

The French striker is devastated in every way after his nth muscle injury. So much so that in the club they study incorporating psychological help for their recovery.


Ousmane Dembélé is experiencing the most difficult moments of his sports career. Much worse than in his first season in Barcelona when a rupture in the tendon of the biceps femoris of the left leg forced him to go through the operating room and spend more than four months in the dry dock. Two years after this terrible experience, the player is still in the pit of injuries. Not even a stricter modulation in his extra-sports life and a follow-up in his nutritional routine has helped him to abandon this spiral of misfortune. And worst of all is that this last injury he suffered against Borussia de Dortmund last Wednesday has shattered him in the mental aspect.

In fact, in the club, aware of the most absolute desolation of the French striker, they will not only work to recover it physically but also emotionally. The medical services have within their staff several psychologists who could enter the mental recovery of Dembélé. Nor is it ruled out that the player performs part of his recovery outside the facilities of the Sports City to avoid the anxiety of seeing his teammates while he still has a long way to go. Once the phase of absolute rest is finished - it will last around ten days - Dembélé could go to France to perform a more quiet and peaceful rehabilitation, without the attention of the media outbreaks. In any case, it is an option that is contemplated but has not yet been approved because the last word will be taken by the player and has not yet been pronounced in this regard.

Right now, the picture presented to Dembélé is certainly devastating after suffering his ninth muscle injury since he signed for Barcelona and third this season. A minimum of 16 matches will be lost and in the best case it could reappear at the end of February

A blow, no doubt, very hard for a player who has been ordering his life and his habits for months to improve in every way. He has left behind his sleepless nights playing video games as well as fast food. All with the sole purpose of closing the definitive doors to injuries. Hence his disenchanted face as soon as he noticed that he had broken again in the hamstrings: stretching on the ground, taking off his boots and breaking into tears.

This last lesion also has two elements that make it especially delicate and complex in its recovery: it is a manual relapse as the scar of the lesion suffered at the end of last season has been opened in a zipper and also the tendon of the Femoral biceps - the doubts among the doctors who postponed the medical statement in almost 48 hours were whether or not the player went through the operating room. Two elements to take into account in his rehabilitation and that could even delay his reappearance on the playgrounds.

Fortunately, Dembélé counts on the French clan of Barcelona to give him a mental support. Both Griezmann, as Umtiti, Lenglet and Todibo visited the striker on Friday to take an interest in his status and encourage him. There is no doubt that in this context it is the first step to get out of the well in which it is submerged.

But if Dembélé is on the verge of depression, the club is also not for firing rockets: they do not understand how this last injury has occurred nor the causes of such misfortune are explained. During these last months an exhaustive study of French had been carried out to avoid relapses as well as intense prevention work to strengthen your muscles. Hence, in the club it is assumed that the confusion within the medical services is absolute and the maximum concern.

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