Abidal: "Valverde will say if this is his last season at Barça"

The technical secretary of Barça gives interviews to Mundo Deportivo y Sport. He admits that there are already contacts to renew Messi and says that Neymar has a Barça philosophy.


Eric Abidal, technical secretary of Barça, is the main protagonist of the covers of the Catalan press this Sunday. Abidal has granted two interviews to Mundo Deportivo y Sport in which he emphasizes, above all, a headline: "Neymar will always be an option". That means that neither the French nor Barça by extension close the door to the Brazilian. "A top player, who has a Barça philosophy and who is performing at a high level, will always be an option. From there, at the sports level we can make decisions, but the whole financial issue, there are things you can reach and others "No, the future will say. If it continues at this level, because the season is very long, I will not say that it will be the number one option but it may be a clear option," Abidal made clear in Mundo Deportivo.

In Sport, on the other hand, he admits that contacts are open to extend Messi's contract: "For us he is a key player. He has this option to go out in his contract, but I know that the president is talking with his representatives to close the contract. case once and for all. Hopefully it will stay for many years and I think it will be like that. It will be Leo's decision. And, as he says, Barça first and foremost. He is the best. " In Mundo Deportivo he also talks about the expansion and improvement of Ansu: "We are also talking with his environment. He is a young player that we have to protect. We have to talk to his family and his representative. And from there, follow his process to train, to work and keep adding minutes of play ".

On the other hand, stresses that the future of Ernesto Valverde at the head of the Barca bench will depend on the coach himself: "Ernesto Valverde will say if this is going to be his last season at Barça." Ernesto Valverde has a contract until June 30 of next year, with the option to extend it one more season ".

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