A whole 'classic' like Scola awaits Baskonia in Milan

The Alava team is already in Milan with the entire squad except Granger, injured. "Vitoria will always be a special place for me," said the Argentine pivot.

Baskonia traveled from Foronda to Milan. They all traveled except the injured Jayson Granger. Shengelia also suffered a sprained ankle against Real Madrid in the Endesa League. In front, a historical reference such as Luis Scola. "For me, Vitoria will always be a special place. There I trained as a player and also as a person. In addition, my children were born because I was playing in Baskonia," he said from the Lombard capital. "It will be an interesting duel of yours with Shengelia," Baskonista coach Velimir Perasovic said. Kirolbet comes from winning Bayern in Vitoria but after falling with Asvel in Villeurbanne in the last displacement.

Perasovic continued to analyze the crash. "We want to compete in every game. Last year we won a lot in the last seconds and now we are losing them. We need all the players to come together. Milan has made a very talented team. The coach is famous for his defensive systems but they have people who usually score easily. They have won big teams at home and take advantage of you from nowhere. It's very difficult to play against them, "he said.

The Vitorian team makes Liga and Euroleague compatible and has a fairly balanced balance in both competitions. He is starring in tight endings that are generally coming out cross. Normally, they are able to add more victories before crossing Maccabi, CSKA and other European giants. In ACB, you will have to travel to Santiago de Compostela on Saturday to play on Sunday at 12: 30.

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