A star was born in Moto3 called Sergio García Dols

The Spaniard got his first victory in the world championship for just five thousandths of a second over Andrea Migno, in a very complicated and rugged race.

Sergio García has reached the stardom of the world championship in his last race of the season, in the "Ricardo Tormo" of Valencia and before pilots very steeped in these lides, to demonstrate that the future is already written with Spanish names as the Brilliant victory of the Burriana driver joins an exceptional Xavier Artigas who in his first race has fought for the triumph until the last meter.

The Moto3 race has been a compendium of mishaps, accidents and incidents that have forced almost all riders to the limit and that had to be stopped by the serious accident in which up to five riders were involved, without fortunately none suffered damage Physicists of

A pity the initial problems of Arón Canet, who during the formation lap broke a hose of his engine and spilled oil on the track, which caused the fall of the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki and forced the delay in the exit of the Moto3 test.

Canet, who played the runner-up in the world, returned at full speed to his box to try to repair the motorcycle, but already with the obligation to leave from the last positions of the starting grid, as well as the Japanese, and without the conviction of that the problems with his mechanics were repaired but there were no more incidents and the KTM rider was able to defend his world runner-up with a sixth place that surely knew very little, but that it was enough to achieve his goal before getting on Moto2.

The start of the competition could not be more rugged because Jaume Masiá, who came to the front of the race with Marcos Ramírez, went to the ground in the fourth corner and shortly after. In the second round, up to five riders went on the ground, the Italians Niccolo Antonelli, whose motorcycle stayed on the edge of the burning track, and Dennis Foggia, who could not avoid Tatay's motorcycle, who stayed in the middle of the track, and was lying next to it after the strong impact, so it had to be attended by medical assistance, the Spanish Jeremy Alcoba and Carlos Tatay, and the Kazakh Makar Yurchenko.

That situation forced to show red flag to be able to attend Dennis Foggia and remove all the damaged motorcycles from the track, but that benefited Arón Canet, who in this way returned to recover his position in the starting grid, fourth, while Jaume Masiá, whose mechanics tried to repair the motorcycle for the second exit, decided not to contest the race after going through the circuit clinic and being declared “unfit” and, in fact, none of the pilots involved in the accident disputed the rest of the career

The second outing came without initial incidents with Ramírez as leader of the same, but in just four laps a new massive fall was produced again, produced by the Italian Lorenzo dalla Porta, the world champion 2019, who could not avoid or Tony Arbolino, neither John McPhee, nor the Spanish Alonso López.

Ahead, the race was soon defined with a group of seven drivers who ended up reduced to barely four with the arrival of Artigas to the leadership, in his first World Cup race, who assumed the leadership and completely broke the established career pace until that moment

The leading group stretched and was reduced to four contestants who until the last meter were going to fight for the victory and in which Sergio García won for just five thousandths of a second to become the 47th Spaniard who wins a World Cup grand prize , ahead of Andrea Migno, with the young Artigas in the third position and Suzuki fourth. Something further behind was Salac, with Canet and Marcos Ramírez, while Arenas closed his participation in the Valencian race in the twentieth position.

Photos from as.com
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