A judge dismisses the injunction to take the Villlarreal-Atleti to Miami

The Commercial Court number 12 rejects LaLiga's request and gives the reason to the RFEF in the absence of the demand for this case being resolved.


Judge Moisés Guillamón Ruiz, head of the 12th Commercial Court of Madrid, has dismissed the injunction requested by LaLiga to take the Villlarreal-Atleti on December 6 to Miami. After hearing the parties yesterday, the magistrate gives the reason to the Federation in the absence of the demand for this case that is in the same court.

In general, the court rejects the petition due to the fact that it is a new unilateral request to hold a league match outside the national territory in the 2019-2020 season, when the oral hearing is still pending, indicated for February of next year (February 14), for a demand of the year 2018, presented by the same actress, before the refusal, also of the RFEF, to be played in that season a League game in Miami, which in that occasion was going to face Girona against Barcelona.

The content of the current request for precautionary measures is identical to that of the main claim, the court maintains, or at least has a direct relationship with part of the main petition, resulting in the adoption of the same or non-adoption of the same one in anticipation of the failure contained in the main sentence

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